12 March 2012

I have moved to 

Finally, a self-hosted wordpress blog. 
Creative name, don't you think? Hahaha.

It's Beginning to (Feel) a Lot Like Christmas

I know, I know, it's summer, it's humid, how can I possibly feel Christmas-y? And the answer is.... I am in the North Pole. BRRRRRR!!! Hahaha.

Seriously though, I have been receiving so many cool gifts that it seems like Christmas came in March! I just came home from a (semi) free 5-day trip to Boracay last Friday, and today I got a couple of good stuff from different people. All I need is Charlie Brown's Christmas Album and some queso de bola!

A York University Shirt + Bag
So I can pretend I've actually been someplace outside the Philippines. 

A Photo of Some Canadian Dude

Havaianas keychain
Because my sister knows how much I love my tsinelas and how much
I'll miss them when I start having to dress up for work.

Avon Pink Hearts Manicure Set

Have you seen anything as kikay as this? Hahaha.

Adidas Fruity Rhythm for Women
I usually feel meh about getting toiletries as gifts but these smell really nice.
And the body wash is perfect for bringing to summer trips.
Aprub. :P 

Another awesome gift I received is my own domain! Wheeeee. From now on I'll be blogging on ALIKOY.ME, my first URL that is self-explanatory! Lol. 

If you find that my first post there bears an uncanny similarity to this post... you are correct. Hehe. Zarry. :D

07 March 2012

Baby talk.

It's funny to think of baby talk as a universal language, but in a way it is. Not English, but goo-goo-ga-ga.

I was aboard the shuttle to Alta Vista with 3 Koreans, 5 Taiwanese, an American, one other Filipina and a very cute baby. No one was talking to anyone from a different group, but when the baby started making pa-cute, everybody just started cooing and vying for the baby's attention.

I guess a baby's cuteness is so universal it transcends cultural and language barriers. Beat that English! Haha.

I'm talking nonsense lol. It's just that babies are so amazing! Haha. Pedia na talaga! ;)

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04 March 2012

Photos: Cagayan de Oro 2012

Less than 2 weeks before my licensure exams, I boarded a plane and went to Cagayan de Oro for my Lola's 1st death anniversary, and stayed there for six days. Because that's how I roll. Hahaha. Thank heavens I passed or I'd be feeling pretty stupid about taking this trip. :]

We didn't go sight seeing anymore (because I was just there last October, yo), mostly just spent the time hanging out with my cousins and pretending to study while watching horror movies. Here are the very few photos from this trip:

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