14 April 2010


Today I got the shock of my life (ok fine not THE shock of my life but I was really shocked) when I logged on to my Digsby (if you don't know what this is hello HTGOF I'm talking to you it's an app that combines YM, FB chat, Twitter, Gmail and YMail  seamlessly so yes you should get it) and got this message (click on photo to enlarge)

Coz no, this guy wasn't one of my usual stalkers (for one all my previous stalkers were named Ammar or Rajid or whatever). I had forgotten, but somehow when he mentioned FutureMe.ORG  I began to remember my past self writing to my future, year 2011 self. Yuck. It was PUBLIC?? I wonder what I wrote apart from "I hope you've finished medschool." I can only imagine and it gives me the heebiejeebies. 

One other thing that's bugging me. How did this guy get my YM ID? I went to that site and contact details aren't posted, just the letters. So he Googled me? GASP! You can get my contact info by Googling Alikoy??? I am SO doing an extensive search of my name tonight. PARANOIAAAAA!

Ok so I Googled Alikoy. I found my numerous old blogs, my absolutely EWW profile on the old Intarmed2011 webbie and some other stuff but no contact info! I'm relieved but I'm also at a loss! And I'm disappointed! 4 years ago when I searched my name the only other Alikoys were that place in Turkey big enough to have its own airport and that rehab program for teen boys (I knowww). Now there are numerous other Alikoys and they are HUMANS! I even found this jejemon's friendster profile. Ugh. Please call me ALLISON from now on. I insist! If  I can't have uniqueness at least give me a pretty name.
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