12 December 2011

Elbi Eats: Mi Bonitos Restaurant

Because the goal of this blog is really to make all of you hungryyyy. Hahaha. If the photos look familiar, that's because this was my birthday dinner. :D

This is a lazy post, so mostly just photos. In the words of Ayla, this is a Mema Monday: mema-post lang. Hahaha.

Let's get your stomach rumbling, shall we?

Bacon Croquettes
I couldn't really taste the bacon, but it's potato,
and potatoes are looove. 

Chili Wings.
My order! Yes, again. I have food loyalty. Haha.

Grilled Squid
I was surprised to find several small pieces of squid instead of a
single huge squid.

Grilled Tenderloin Steak

Everything On It Pizza
Talk about topping overload! It even has eggplant.

Buffalo Wings

Spaghetti with Meatballs
Last minute order, because no birthday dinner is complete
without noodlez. For long life. Except the noodles
were kinda short. Hahahaha!

That is all. Thank you. Bow. Goodbye. :D

For more about Bonitos, refer to my previous post or visit their Facebook page. :)


  1. LOL at the "short" noodles! How is that possible? Haha! : D

  2. Haha I don't know, maybe they were cut? Most of the noodles can be spanned between my index finger and my thumb, ie. isang dangkal lang. :))

  3. Mi Bonitos fan here! Ha ha! I'm loyal to their buffalo wings and chili wings, too! Have you tried Forum's Wings? They're good, too!

  4. Whoo! Love them wings too. :D Wait, where is Forum? :)

  5. Sorry for the late reply! It's right across the site where Sentro's being built. The old site for Cafe Antonio :)

    They have really good wings! And beers below zero degrees!


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