24 April 2010

Housewife Dreams

People don't believe me when I tell them I'd be perfectly satisfied to become a housewife.

What after all those years in medschool?
Ha, you'd get bored trust me!
Who are you kidding?

Shut up, people. Housewifery is like my ULTIMATE dream. And just to make it clear my housewife dream involves playing with my kids, cooking for my husband and ordering around 3 maids to keep the house clean. It does not include dishwashing or laundry or vacuuming. It's a DREAM, so don't judge my spoiled-ness.

Anyway the past days I've been practicing my version of domestication. Hah. From grocery shopping, to cooking, baking, playing with Spotty and Spotless (our one-month old dalmatian puppies, not their real names LOL), down to ordering people to wash the pots and pans I've used. JOKE. That's utopia. In the real world I'm still the one who has to scrub off the remains of cookie batter and dried tomato sauce. Sigh.


  1. Anonymous3:19 PM

    I believe you. I dont believe the people who say they dont want to be one oh come on! Tevs! I say go follow your dreams girl but remember the word houseWIFE. hihi.

  2. thank you for believing in me. great minds think alike! haha! ya, i'll remember that. wife not mistress. except when they guy's really hot like Brad Pitt pre-benjamin button era. LOL


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