13 December 2011

A Coffee Shop Story

I was sitting in Starbucks mulling over a mock-exam question, when I overheard the barista telling someone he only needed one sticker to get a planner, would he like to order another beverage for takeout? He mumbled "no thanks" and went to the bar to wait for his drink. The person next to him in line, also holding a card for the planner, pocketed it and told the barista to give his sticker to the other guy instead.

It was only one sticker, but the guy's face lit up like Christmas morning. And somehow, witnessing that random act of kindness made me happy too. 

Everyday, my faith in the goodness of man is restored. :)


  1. This makes me feel so warm and fuzzy inside!!! :)

  2. Annie! That was the idea! It made me feel so warm and fuzzy (and slightly teary-eyed) too, and I wanted to share the story and the feeling. :)

    PS: I love it when you comment on my blog because I know how much of a trouble it is for you to visit blogger! Thank you! <3

  3. A couple of my customers used to be like that. I had this one customer who came in so early everyday but never availed those stickers/planners. One day, he said to me "Hey Suyen, just give your next customer those stickers, will you?" (in his lovely brit accent <3) and everyday, a different person got his sticker. Those tiny little stickers gave such joy to these people thanks to 1 man who did a random act of kindess every single day :)

  4. Bakit ako walang nakikitang ganito? :( Kainggit hehe

  5. Wow Suyen, that customer probably made so many people happy. :) And ang galing how something that's of no cost to the giver has such a huge impact on the person who receives it. :)

    Ela, madaming mabait dyan, hahaha minsan lang mahirap silang makita. :)

  6. This is an awesome idea, i keep on collecting stickers kahit na i got my planner na hoping to fill it for a friend na di makapuno ng card pero I guess this is a better idea since masha-share yung stickers to a lot of persons.


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