18 November 2011

Gluttony: Ultimate Taste Test 7.0

I am was a UTT virgin. Now I can't figure out why I missed out on the fun all those years. ;)

Meet my new boyfriend, San Mig Premium.
 San Mig Super Dry you are dumped. 

Before the horde of people arrived. Empty chairs!!!

My Ultimate Taste Test Favorites:

Dessert: Mio Gelati

Superb. My taste buds totally fell in love. My friends and I got (and shared) different flavors and we loved them all. Gelato was smooth, creamy and yummy! It was the mochi gelato that got us all gushy though. I had the peppermint candy (no surprise there haha) which had peppermint choco ice cream and bits of peppermint candy. It tasted like Christmas in my mouth!

Mio Gelati
Look at all those flavors! :)

Peppermint Candy Mochi ♥
Red Velvet Gelato

I also liked the salted caramel mochi gelato. The banana nutella was okay, but I don't like bananas very much. :D

Main Course: Dulcelin Gourmet Specialties

Their shrimp and uni (sea urchin) pasta was exquisite! Also I loved how their dish was unique--  not something I can get just anywhere else! I immediately checked their prices, not bad at 1900php for a tray that feeds 10 people. It's a pity though that I can't order a plate just for myself. Hmm. The opportunity will arise, eventually. :D

Sadly, I don't have pictures because I passed by their stall during the "peak hours" of the UTT. Lines were long, and it was body bumping all around!

More Food I Liked 
aka food I will actually buy/ come back for:

♥ Wagyu steak - K our food expert said it's not pure wagyu, just processed beef, but I still liked how the meat seemed to melt in my mouth. :P
Fish and Chips from Blue Bucket - Dips were good and you can't go wrong with cream dory. Not their chapchae though. It was dry and tasted like bihon. Chapchae in Bon Chon is so much better and only for 75 bucks.
Tacos from Tacoholic because I happen to like tacos, and they were good as far as tacos go. :) Nothing really special though.
Merry Moo's Quezo de Bola and Ham Ice Cream. Surprisingly liked this more than the peppermint choco ice cream. Reminds me of days when i would sit on our dining table and snack on leftover queso de bola and fiesta ham because that's just how the ice cream tastes like! :)
Happy Tummy Chocolate Musubi. My tastebuds are partial to the taste of chocolate on anything salty. (Like Royce's chocolate covered potato chips oh wow.)
Japanese Lechon from the Specialty Kitchen. Their black sambo was okay too. :D
Swiss Gourmet's Hungarian Sausage I think I returned to their booth three times to get more hahaha they're really good. Good thing they don't stamp the passports so it was like a hungarian sausage buffet.
Sassy Sisig Now my third favorite sisig after Aling Lucing's sisig in Pampanga and the sisig at Bahay Marikit in Batangas. :)

Weirdest thing I tried: 

My friends and I made a pact to taste everything no matter how weird or unappetizing they look, which is the only reason I tried the banana-kamote (sweet potato)-mango concoction from one of the booths. Tasted innocuous enough (like banana actually, no hint of mango or kamote), but when you work in a hospital, a yellow-green frothy blend reminds you of sputum and that's not a very good thing to associate with food. :/

More Food Pictures

Sorry for the quality, taken with a point and shoot while balancing a plate with one hand and holding my camera with the other. Hehe.

Black Sambo from the Specialty Kitchen.

Cassava Cake with Parmesan from Joan and Jane's Bites.
A little dry, didn't like it very much.
But their beef pot pie was promising.

Katsu Maki from Katsu House.
They had 3 diff. kinds - teriyaki, tonkatsu and tofu. I was unable to
distinguish among the three, neither by sight nor taste. :/

Arizona Peach Tea Samplers.

Jack Daniel's Brownies from Blackinese.
Pwede na. Good texture, but I like my fudge brownies a
little (or a lot) more chocolatey.

Roti Canai from Papa Roti
I'm a fan of roti but not really of curry. Maybe another flavor
for next time?

Soyami Soya Chips

Heart Melting Chocolate Cupcake from Joanie's Cupcakes
Tasted good, but my sampler was too gooey :|

Cupcake de Mercedes from Joanie's Cupcakes
This one I kinda liked.

Stuffed Tomatoes from Green Pig

I went home super full and feeling like a glutton because halfway through, I was no longer hungry, just eating my way through because the food was there! Next time, I'm going to starve myself the whole day in preparation! Hahaha. Grabe. Although not everything we sampled was great, we definitely got our money's worth. Can't wait for UTT 8.0! :)


  1. Nasarapan kami dun sa Blackinese Brownies! Nilagay namin na top dessert XD

    Hindi nyo tinry yung tilapia ice cream? XD

    At sayang yung arizona, yung pina colada yung masarap sa kanila at tsaka yung different flavors of tea. Sayang na peach tea lang yung pinatikim nila then :D

  2. Okay lang sakin yung Blackinese ganda ng texture ng brownies nila! Pero I know someone who makes better spiked fudge brownies kasi. Hehehe.

    Yung tilapia ice cream, okay lang din, amazing how they got rid of the fishy taste/smell though I can feel the fish bits on my tongue.

    Talaga? Never tried Arizona drinks before, e yung peach nila kapareho lang ng lasa ng peach C2. :P Try ko yung pinacolada pag naencounter ko ulit.

  3. Ang ganda nga nung texture.. Ahhh.. kaya pala!

    Hahahaha! Kakaiba nga yung tilapia ice cream, walang bakas ng fishy taste/smell XD

    Meron sa Rustan's supermarket :D Sad lang talaga na peach lang yung pinataste test nila, dati kasi lahat ng drinks pwede tikman :D Mas masarap yung ibang flavored teas at pina colada :D

  4. Correction: Black Sambo, not Samba...
    Had fun, sana weekend ang next UTT.

  5. Sorry hahaha. :P Buti naman you had fun, considering you didn't even know what your ticket was for. :))

  6. Thanks for the feedback on Sassy Sisig! :) Glad to hear you liked them! :)

    - Trixie
    Sassy Sisig

  7. Homaygash! The food in UTT seems to be getting better & better :) I went to UTT, um, I think it was 4 and had a blast. I should go again and check the next one out.

    The Peppermint Candy mochi looks amazing. That one caught my eye. I heart peppermint!

  8. Suyen we had a blast eating through the night, and we're eagerly awaiting the next UTT too! :)

  9. Thanks for trying our Queso De Bola with Fiesta Ham ice cream! :D Glad that you liked it. We hope you can try our other flavors in Mercato Centrale.

  10. You're welcome!=) I'm glad I tried it too, haha! Perfect treat for Christmas. Sure, Merry Moo is one of my Mercato staples. Your earl grey tea ice cream is my favorite!

  11. Hi, Papa Roti has a wide-range of flavors to choose from, we have Roti Sweet and Savoury, from Banana Toffee, Blueberry Cheesecake, Mushroom and Cheese, to Italian Cheesy Pesto and so much more :) Check us out on: www.facebook.com/ilovepaparoti for the list of flavors. :) Thanks!

  12. Yes, I'd love to try the other flavors. :) I hope I can drop by Mercato soon to do that, it's a bit far from where I'm staying now.

  13. Thanks for the nice review! We hope that you truly enjoyed the experience!

    Carl Quema
    The Specialty Kitchen
    www.facebook.com/specialty kitchen

  14. Hi Carl! We really liked your Japanese Lechon! :) It was one of our favorite main dishes! Just the thought makes me hungry hehehe

  15. Me too! Although it seems im always hungry. Haha. It would have been better if there was rice with it. We were supposed to serve it that way, but the demand was too much for us to keep up, as we were also making the Glazed Ginger Chicken. First timer kami so we were quite undermanned.

  16. Where can we find you pala? :) I'm sure a lot of my friends would like to try a full sized serving of your dishes. With rice. Hehehe.

  17. We are present in Mercato but sadly, we are not allowed to serve both dishes as there are too many lechon na daw and too many fried chicken. But, we have a sister company that serves the same items. Its called JAP-OK! Have you ever tried it there?

  18. No we haven't yet. Is JAP-OK! in mercato also? :)

  19. BTW I really can't find your facebook page. When I click your link I'm just redirected to the facebook homepage. :/

  20. oh. its www.facebook.com/specialtykitchen. there's no space in between. My bad. haha. Yes JAP-OK! is in mercato centrale, selling Grilled Chicken Yakitori, Cheesy Beef, Shrimp Wrapped in Bacon and Kani Wrapped in Bacon. As for JAP-OK! restaurants, you can see us at www.japokresto.com
    Para narin ako nagplug. Haha. I love the simplicity of your blog. Its clean, easy to read and the author is very friendly. haha. Yung ibang bloggers do not even bother answering their followers.

  21. Aw, thank you! :) My reason for blogging is really to engage with people. I love replying to comments!

    Sige, we'll give JAP-OK! a try when we drop by Mercato ulit. :D Medyo malayo kasi from us but we love going there anyway because it's fun!


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