18 April 2010

Lazy Sunday

Today I was woken by Phasefour's plea for breakfast. We woke up Hegemon, possibly interrupting his dreams of creating more empires to rule, and asked him for ideas. I have Spam, he said. And so a breakfast plan was formulated. Spam and pancakes. Phasefour and I went to our friendly neighborhood ministop and bought pancake mix, a small carton of milk, and bread, while Hegemon got his Spam and stole his roommate's strawberry jam and pancake syrup and leftover ube hopia. 30 minutes later we had this:

Our version of a continental breakfast: Spam turkey, toast, strawberry jam, blueberry pancakes, hot chocolate and.. ube hopia. Hehe. :P
I think breakfast is my favorite meal. That's weird considering I only get to eat breakfast 1-2x a week, but boyyyy does breakfast make me happy! When my mom started teaching me to cook the first thing I wanted to learn was how to make a pancake! And then how to fry an egg. And then how to make an omelette. MMM eggs. I think I know what I want for breakfast tomorrow. 

Anywaaayyy. After breakfast, which was practically after lunch already, Hegemon and I decided to go to MoA to escape the sweltering heat. I was so looking forward to hanging out at Chocolat and window shopping, I even left my laptop at home coz I really wanted to walk around lang but GASP! When we got there a sign greeted us:

It looked like an alien invasion from every direction. If I were claustrophobic I would have died 3 times over. So in the end we found a relatively empty place, had a really late lunch, ducked into toy kingdom which was relatively uninvaded and looked at toys until it was time for mass. FAIL. Anyway it still beat staying at home and spending the whole afternoon trolling facebook. Which is what I've been doing since 8PM, loozer. Hahaha.

BTW, can I just comment about the ridiculous-ness of some toys? Not the guns and such, they make perfect sense to me. Har. But a toy set with a vacuum cleaner (with actual vacuum power!), a kid sized mop and other such manong items on a manong cart? Why would anyone want that? A toy paper shredder that can shred post-its? Geez. 

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