08 April 2010


"You look tired."
Ya i know! In a really whiny paawa effect voice.
[Repeat 10x]

GEEEEZ! Do I look that shiteous? I've always considered "you look tired/stressed/sad/bothered"  a euphemism for "ano ba yan you're so fugly can't you fix yourself a little please, gawwd!" The fifth time I heard this today i wanted to scream STOP IT PEOPLE!!! And then I saw myself in the bathroom and I wanted to cry. Hormones. But seriously. Messy hair, pasty cheeks, raccoon eyes, chapped lips. Sigh. I probably sound so vain but, it stings! I still haven't recovered from lover-boy-in-denial's "bakit ang taba mo ngayon" hirit. Friends like these! I haven't taken a bite for the past 20 hours tuloy haha. I swear tomorrow I'll look so effin gorgeous IM patients will be begging me to monitor them.

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