30 April 2010


I never imagined this day would come. Period. I mean I know I have stalker tendencies sometimes, coz I really like knowing stuff, but c'mon. This is like a brand new level of stalking for me. To search Facebook for someone I know only by name, open profiles one by one, assessing the likelihood that it is indeed that person -- HORRENDOUS! And this isn't even a boy thing. Or a hate thing. BO-RING!

I'm on a witch hunt for my internship blockmates. (There are two we haven't seen yet and one we saw already but stupidly forgot to ask for contact details. *Bang head on wall*) Because I really don't want to do more reliever duty  over the long weekend than absolutely necessary, I hafta find them! And because I'm so resourceful, I used my talents and tried to find them on Facebook, where I believe every person who matters can be found! 

Type name. (Click)
xx Results Found.
Looks foreign. Ignore.
Looks old. Ignore.
Hmm, possible. (Open link in new tab)
If unsuccessful, repeat from Step1 using possible nicknames/ aliases. 

The results?
1 positive identification by direct visualization
1 probable identification
1 false positive 
1 negative identification

I hope false positive doesn't get mad. Hihi. I initially thought she was a probable so I sent her a message which goes like this:
Hi! Are you the [name] from [school]?
If not, sorry! I'm on a witch hunt here i just really need to find someone. Kindly just ignore this message please! :)
If you are, yay! Our pediatrics orientation will be later (Friday) 12:30PM at PGH. if you get this too late please drop me a message with your phone number or email address so we can fix our reliever duty schedules. Thanks!
And I still can't get over the fact that one of my blockmates doesn't have facebook! Or any social networking account! He's the ungooglable man! He exists! *Faint*

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