03 May 2010

Technology FAIL.

Because nothing good lasts forever I am once again grumpy and irritable after staying happy and sunshiney for more than a week. And it's not even because of internship!

My phone is useless. My line got cut for the second time which is BIG coz I've had this line since when, December 30? My dad is going to kill me. And I know he will refuse to pay for my bill or at least play pakipot for a while so I'm going to have to get this from my own pocket and after spending like 4000 bucks in Bambang, the 2010 stash sale, National Bookstore, MOA and Greenbelt this week since Friday, I am officially very very poor. Mess hall will now be my favorite place on earth. 

My laptop is semi-useless. I don't know why but it can't detect or install drivers for new USB devices. Which means flash disks don't work. Cmon EeePC you are not an iPad so can you please stop making inarte. Good thing my FreeAgent still works and I still have wi-fi or else some piece of technology's getting thrown out of the window. Technology is so effin unreliable I remember when this same laptop simply refused to boot the day before I was to submit my IM papers. IKR. FML!

And I'm on duty tomorrow. If I find out I'm the one on CI duty and I can't even text or call I will die. 


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