19 June 2010

I love you too, Dad. :]

My dad has never been one to express his emotions with words. For the past 22 years I only remember my dad saying "I love you" once, and it was on a card sent via LBC on my 17th birthday, the first birthday I had away from home. My relationship with my dad during my high school years was a tumultuous one, so I literally bawled my eyes out when I got that card. My eyes still sting and I still get the sniffles everytime I remember that tacky card with a telegram-style
Happy birthday Alison. I love you. Daddy.
Now five more years have passed and my "I love you" count remains at one. I'm betting that I'll probably get my second on my wedding day. But it's fine. Words or without, I know without a doubt that I am loved by my father.

My dad is the type to excuse himself from meetings or to dismiss his class early just so he could drive me someplace or pick me up from the bus stop on the rare chances I get home. On Mondays that I have to leave at 5 to get to Manila in time for class, he'd get up earlier to rouse me from sleep (knowing I am deaf to alarm clocks) and prepare my stuff. He'd drive me to where I can get a bus and then patiently wait with me until I am safely aboard. When my free weekends became scarce and going home became tedious, my dad would take a 2 hour commute to Manila on weekends to bring me home-cooked food, milk and gallons of yogurt. He'd drop off his package, take me somewhere to eat, bring me back to the condo, kiss me goodbye, then would leave, never complaining that the time he spent alone on a bus traveling was eight-fold the time he spent with me. Whenever my phones got lost or my laptop breaks down he'd put up with my tantrums and would be here the following morning to lend me his laptop or bring me a spare phone. He'd send me extra money without having to ask, puts up with my shopping expenses although he doesn't really get the point of having to buy a new dress or a new pair of shoes. My roommate tells me I'm spoiled, and yes I probably am. Although my dad never pampered me to excess I always got more than what I needed and most anything I wanted that he could provide.

Sometimes I wish my dad was better with words, but there isn't really anything he could say that I don't already know. I can only wish he knows how much I love him in the same way I know that he loves me.

So thank you Dad, for everything. No matter what you think, you are and you will always be the number 1 guy in my life. I miss you, and I love you too. Happy Father's Day. :]

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