10 September 2010

I miss my old books.

The brown, soft, weathered pages crumpled by too many readings. The chocolate stains and grubby finger marks on the sides. The all-too-familiar plotlines and words. And discovering new endings when I read Choose-Your-Own-Adventure books because I make different decisions now. HAHAHA.

I also miss hiding underneath the covers with a flashlight so I could read beyond bedtime. Somehow it made me feel badass haha sorry ha but growing up I was essentially a good girl thrilled by a little rule breaking!

I also had hundreds of books when I was a kid (which I earned by getting good grades my parents knew the effectiveness of positive reinforcement) and somehow being reminded that they're GONE FOREVER (my mom convinced me to let them go and donate them) makes me feel a little sad! 

Haay but sometimes we have to let some things go to make space for the new ones. Books are better off in the hands of someone who will read them, than in the shelf of someone who just wants to keep them anyway.

I hope they make other kids as happy as they once made me! 


  1. bili ka na lang ng mga bagong libro na babasahin mo. tapos bigay mo sakin afterwards. :)

  2. i have lots of new ones already! :) i still miss the old ones though. hehe.


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