22 September 2011

Things I Love Thursdays: Forms on Google Docs, Game of Nerds and Picnik!

Forms in Google Docs

Google Docs has to be my favorite among all the Google products. Yes, even more than Gmail, and I'm a hardcore Gmail fan. (So if you're still using yahoo mail/ hotmail, here is your intervention. Haha.)

I've created around 50 documents using Google Docs, from word files and spreadsheets to presentations. Everything you can do on Microsoft Office I can do on my browser, with no need to save, easy sharing and real-time collaboration! Watch this video and be amazed.

I have been encoding questionnaires (which I've been working on part-time) on Google Docs so I can work on my laptop or on my PC without having to transfer files. In typical Alikoy fashion, I got distracted and decided to create a contact form for this blog instead, because I am a procrastinator like that all the time. Haha. Done in five minutes and looking snazzy.

Each form has a live site like this. But you can also embed it in your web page.
Try mine and say hello.

After that I wanted to create more forms so I volunteered to collect the contact info of my highschool batch for a directory! (Or more like forced myself on them they really had no choice hehe.) I tell you, when I like doing something I'll do it over and over again LIKE CRAZY until I grow really tired of it. When my mom came home I asked her, "Is your batch creating a directory? Do you want me to help you?" She said no, bad trip. I think I'll just volunteer to make an order form or a customer satisfaction survey for my sister. She has no say in the matter. :D

Game of Nerds
I'm a self-confessed nerd. I like books and comics and I get overly enthusiastic about Starwars and Harry Potter and I read a lot of SciFi and fantasy. According to this game though, I am just a poser hahaha. I can barely answer any of the SciFi/Fantasy/Boardgame questions correctly and half of my correct answers I owe to testmanship and intelligent guessing! Thank you UP professors for teaching me those, at least!

When I had played the game ten times, I got a pop-up screen that says
"You've played Game of Nerds 10x! That can't be healthy."
No, of course it's not but I can't stop playing anyway. Haha it's so frustrating, I think I'll stop when I run out of coins. Let's ruin our lives together, play Game of Nerds and be my friend, my username is alikoyyy. :)

Picnik Photo Editor
I don't use photoshop because I have no patience for layers and vectors and brushes and such. Which is why I'm happy with Picasa 3 and all their tuning options. I have everything I need already to make my photos better, plus it syncs with my webalbums and my G+ account and it allows me to make those cool collages I can't get enough of. For the stuff it can't do, Picnik does it for me.

Like this one. This was a seriously, hopelessly blurry photo. I noticed Instagram made Val's also-blurry-iPhone-photo a little better, so I tweaked mine on Picnik until it looked somewhat presentable. It's still a bit dizzying but at least we have our facial features back yay. Polaroid-ish frame + text also added with Picnik.

Looks overprocessed but trust me the picture was so
blurry to begin with. I had to make it look intentional.

I can't remember all the free features (some editing options are for premium users only), but blemish removal and teeth whitening are free. There's also an option to make your pictures look thinner, seriously! What I can't get enough of are the cute pirate stickers and the different textures. I keep editing pictures just for the heck of it, even though no one gets to see it! Try it, it's free and you can even install it on your Chrome browser for easy access. 

Pointless picture. I created that in 10minutes only
for  purposes of illustration. :) The pirates and
robots are too cute!

I just realized that my favorite things for the week are all internet-based! I've been working almost full time on my computer since Sunday so these were my reprieves. :) Now I'm back to being a jobless underboard MD, but six thousand bucks richer compared to a week ago. Woohoo. Let's see how I spend my first paycheck EVER. :)

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