04 December 2011

Theo & Philo Artisan Chocolates

I've been antsing to buy these for a few weeks now. Finally got to grab some at Soderno last Saturday!

I found out about these chocolates when they were featured in OurAwesomePlanet after the Ultimate Taste Test in Rockwell. After that, I looked up their website, and I really fell in love with the concept behind the product.

A week or so ago someone asked for Christmas gift ideas on Twitter and I told him to buy Theo & Philo chocolates even though I haven't even tried them yet hahaha. But hey, all those UTT participants liked it so I took it for a fact that the chocolates were good. ;)

After taste-testing all their available flavors in Soderno (unfortunately they had no Milk Chocolate with Toffee that time), I picked my four favorites --  Dark Chocolate with Siling Labuyo, Dark Chocolate with Calamansi, 70% Dark Chocolate and Milk Chocolate with Kapeng Barako -- and bought them for pasalubong for my family and err, myself. :D

At first I didn't want to open them (haha labo) because the wrappings are so pretty! I have a tendency to exaggerate but I think you'll have to agree with me on this one. Except for their 70% dark chocolate which comes in a black and grey box, all the others are wrapped in paper with various designs in red, blue, white, and gold. Like I said, it's very patriotic. 

Even the inner wrapping looks very elegant. I think the Theo & Philo sticker in gold foil is a very nice touch. The same sticker is on the free gift bag I got with my chocolates.

Looks really high-end, don't you think? :)

I felt a little sad opening the package but once I started eating, NO REGRETS! Dark chocolate is my favorite kind, and the siling labuyo and calamansi flavors did not compete with and instead complimented the chocolate well. The chili flavor is very subtle, pero may sipa! And the calamansi flavor was mild, except when you nibble on the bits of the calamansi peel, but there's an unmistakable citrus-y taste. I'm not sure if I'm still making sense here, basta it's really good, okay? :P As for the milk chocolate with barako coffee, don't try it if you're looking for the taste of chocolate with a bit of coffee -- it tastes more like chocolate- covered coffee beans (which I love, BTW) more than anything else. It's for hardcore coffee lovers. And the smell is enough to wake you up in the morning!

Is it the best chocolate I've ever tasted? Not really, but it's the best LOCALLY made chocolate I've had. And it's evident from the flavors to the packaging, that a lot of effort was put into it to make it something truly and proudly Filipino. :)

Visit them at theoandphilo.com :)


  1. Cool packaging! Definitely curious to try these out. Would you know if they deliver? :)

  2. Hi Curious Corrine! :) I know, the designs are really eye catching! I'm not sure if they deliver but their chocolates are available all around the metro. They have a list here: http://theoandphilo.com/buy.htm but it doesn't include the bazaars yet. You can send them an email at hello@theoandphilo.com or call them +63 920 4315650 to inquire :)

  3. OMG!!!! The packaging is amazing! If I ever visit (which I hope to someday) I want to buy their dark chocolate. Or... their packaging alone. haha

  4. Annie! I really appreciate the effort to visit and comment on my blog even though blogger is blocked in China! :) I do hope you get to visit the Philippines, we'll go on a food trip! :D

  5. The packaging is just amazing! I love when great products come in great packaging :) I should buy some for myself. LOL

  6. Right?? I know we shouldn't judge chocolates by their wrappers but it's a real plus when they're in a pretty package! (Just like book covers!) And you should. I'm getting more this Saturday. LOL.

  7. Going gaga over their website right now, I looove their branding.

  8. Diba? :) They really paid attention to the details, from the flavors to the designs!


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