01 January 2012

Photos from the Holidays

Aaand I'm back. To my loyal readers (all three of you hahaha) sorry for the absence! I misplaced my camera cable, and the rest of my life wasn't very interesting anyway. I spent most of my time either reviewing, buying/ wrapping presents, eating, sleeping or watching reality TV. (I have been sucked-in by the bobo-tube! I am so addicted to Survivor Philippines, Hell's Kitchen, and Junior Masterchef Australia!)

Here are a few photos from the holidays, mostly of food! Haha. As they say: new year, old habits. :)

That's my Lolo in CDO! :]

The oddest table display I've seen in my lifetime.
New Year's party at my dad's tennis club. 

Lechon skin. Hrhrhr.

Dad and my sister at the UPLB Christmas Tree.

SM Mall of Asia. Look at those people. :/
No love for the holiday rush.

Lechon-bread. Awesome.   

We still haven't eaten this because no one wanted to
"kill the pig"  aww look at that!


Poor girl. She was terrified of the fireworks. :( 

Today is the last day of the holidays! After this there are deadlines to catch and schedules to follow. *Sigh*

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season! And if you didn't, here's P'shone to make your day merry and bright! 


  1. Yay for the holidays! I have yet to upload my holiday photos, daming anyayare! Cute nung lechon bread!

  2. Hi lechon! Hi pasta! Hi dessert! I find that I don't mind not getting as much gifts as I used to as long as there's a lot of good food going around :D

    Was the lechon bread as awesome as it looked? :)

  3. Ayla: Do upload! I love your photos!:)

    Suyen: Haha true! :) I love holiday food! Hehe the lechon bread was monay, which I love, so yes. Monay + queso de bola + red wine!

  4. the food looks so yummy! welcome back :) happy new year!


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