03 January 2012


Last night, I finally figured out what I want to have a collection of: LEGO!

Luke's Landspeeder Set. That's the set that had me going on an online window shopping frenzy! Someone was selling it online for 2300PHP which is cheaper than a lot of the sets of the same size being sold in the Philippines. Plus it had R2D2, C3PO, Luke, Obi Wan and Stormtrooper mini-figures! It's only $25 in the US though so I think I'll just wait for someone to go there and buy it for me instead. Hehehe. 

Still, I'd like to get something this month to officially start my currently-nonexistent collection. So maybe something small and cheap first, like this Imperial Speeder Bike

400 php from RedBrickStore

or alternately

Star Wars Clone Walker, 450 php

This Harry Potter set is cool too! 

Forbidden Forest, P995 from House of Flair (pre-order)

Which one do you think I should get for January? I plan to buy one small set every month and buy a slightly bigger one for Christmas, like this Hogwarts set:

I am so excited hahaha I feel like a child again! But you can't blame me, LEGO are the awesomest toys on the planet! And Star Wars and Harry Potter are the BEST!

Did you sing it? :) Of course you did! Hahaha! 

(Thanks Popi for sending this photo my way!) 


  1. You should collect Lego, Lego is awesome, I love Lego! #enthusiasm :D

  2. The last pic is such a winner! LOL I totally sang it. My favorite from Star Wars are the Stormtroopers :)

    1. It's impossible not to sing it!

  3. I used to have around three big tubs of LEGO but we decided to donate them when me and my cousin went to college. Nagsisi kami, so we're slowly building our collection again :)

    One of my ninongs has the Millenium Falcon and the Death Star :) It's siiiiick!

    1. Waaa pangarap ko yang Millennium Falcon at Death Star! They're so expensive!


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