01 March 2012

My New Chill Place: Toast Box

My sister told me once, that I had too many favorites! Favorite mo din yan? Ang dami mong favorite! Lahat na lang favorite mo!  HAHAHA.

And now, I have a new favorite place to hang out in Manila. Toast Box!

Two words: YUAN YANG.

Yuan Yang is milk tea with coffee. Some coffee shops call it dirty chai. My friend T brought home a buttload of the instant stuff (Lipton Black Kiss) from Singapore to our apartment, and gracefully told us to just get some whenever we want to. I think he ended up regretting that because I was so enamored with the stuff that I'd make a cup (or two) every morning! :P

So when I found out they had authentic Yuan Yang at ToastBox, I knew I'd be spending some time there. ;)

ToastBox Yuan Yang, 85php

Also love their Kaya Toast and French Toast! And if you're thinking it's just terribly overpriced bread (ehem, like me initially), the toast comes with kopi or teh, and TWO soft boiled eggs. A reasonable amount of food for 125-140 pesos. ;)

ToastBox Kaya Toast + Iced Milk Tea
Excuse me sir where are my EGGGGGZ?

Photos taken with my phone, edited with Pixlr-o-matic and Lightbox. Those photo editing app developers know sorcery I am so sure!


Toast BoxRobinsons Place - Manila

G/F, Robinsons Place Manila, Adriatico St
Manila, Metro Manila
(0922) 801-9303


  1. I always pass by this place in Megamall and yes, I did think it was just overpriced bread. Now I have reason to enter it, thanks to you :)

    1. They have meals too! Their chicken and sausage noodles remind me of la paz batchoy and are cheap for the size. :]


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