01 March 2010

Afternoon Crazies

3:40 PM

Free time in medschool is a treat, a rare luxury. Idle time on the other hand is amazingly, absurdly, abundant. How many hours, days are spent sitting in a room doing nothing, nothing, absolutely nothing? (Unless staring into nothingness and talking nonsense just to pass time counts for something).

Aaaack. Idle time drives me nuts. It makes me restless. It makes me wish there was some way to collect receipts for the time you contribute to the the world's complete unproductivity and have them reimbursed for use at your own discretion. (Which may still be completely unproductive but hey that's your call.)

Aaaack. The novel I brought in anticipation of moments like these is still lying around somewhere in this room. I don't want to read it yet. It's been less than 12 hours and it will come handy later when I get my real attack of the crazies. I'm typing this on notepad because if I open my browser one more time I will vomit. My google reader has no more unread feeds. I StumbleUpon sites which I've already StumbledUpon before. I've watched Shakira's Gypsy video three times too many. There is absolutely nothing new on facebook. And yes I am whining I am whii-iiining like a two year old. :S

Thoughts like these make me guilty. And they make me nervous.

Hello? Yes God?
No, no, no, I wasn't complaining, I just needed fodder for writing.
Yes, I'm fine, promise, you don't have to give me 25 edematous patients to line to keep me busy.


Feel free to visit, though. :]


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