01 April 2010


And so my BFFFB Katrina decides to make a blog to help her get over Facebook. Which motivates me to write this -- not that I can see it's actually working (admit it you're still silently stalking on FB!) but because i was so inggit that she was actually writing in paragraphs! Paragraphs! Not in cryptic one to two liners in accordance with Rules 53 and 87 of the Guidelines for Real Facebook Addicts. So there. I need more words to accomodate my flight of ideas. Oh and ya, I need to get over Facebook too.

So BFFFB told me my blog was ancient yaddayaddayadda (yes she actually sounds like that sometimes). I told her it was so hard to write when you promise not to whine. And then her words of wisdom! Blogs are supposed to be whiny. Well. YA. There are intellectual bloggers but let's face it I don't have intellectual orgasms so i can't do what they do. Hafta accept that online i will always be whiny, bitchy and a little of a ditz. (Quite the opposite of what I am in real life! Gosh!)

Woah that was tiring, I am so not used to holding a cohesive (?) thought this long. Practice, practice, more practice with paragraph writing. Seems like the only paragraphs I know to write start with "This patient presented with..." UGGGH! And even then it takes me a million years to get the words to sound right. What happened to my gift of composition? AAACK med school, you sneak!

So there that ends practice for the day, lunchbreak's over i'm 15 minutes into overtime!!!


  1. Anonymous4:02 PM

    haha you know i was thinking of making my title flight of ideas din? oh well great minds think alike. and have the same addiction. lord help us get over this DISEASE.

  2. agreed on both counts! deng we're sick i can feel the withdrawal symptoms comingggg.


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