21 April 2010

The Matrix.

Hegemon told me someone came up with an idea that Facebook is like the Matrix. Y'know, you log on and then that's where you live your life? This morning Pa3K posted this on Hegemon's Facebook. I nearly died laughing. I could imagine someone saying this to HTGOF (not to me coz hello I'm not an addict kaya HAH!)
I know why you're here. I know what you've been doing... why you hardly sleep, and why night after night, you sit by your computer. I know because I was once looking for the same thing. I was looking for an answer. It's the question that drives us. It's the question that brought you here. You know the question, just as I did.

What is the
LOL. Anyway I'm not really supposed to be online at this hour because I have to be in Pagkalma like NOW.


  1. Anonymous9:25 PM

    Mejo nadepress ako don mejo lang... Hey im decreasing my activity na kaya talaga!

  2. Hahaha. Yeah i noticed it. Mej. You have moments of relapse. :P


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