05 April 2010

Vicious Cycle

5PM and I was fitfully dozing on our magical couch when I was woken up by a rustling sound on our door. Scratch scratch. Creaaaakkk. 
Hindi ka umuwi?
"Unngggh? Ungggh." I say with one eye open.
So nakaaral ka naman?
"Ungggh. UNNNGGGGH. (Sits down) Dammit I have to stop watching HIMYM. I wanna eat! Let's go to Rob."
7PM post-1000 calories I open my laptop and watch another episode. After nito I'm leaving I hafta study! I say with lots of conviction. Roommate was convinced! I unplug my FreeAgent and bring my laptop to our dining table to say my final words. And then a fairy cast a spell on my tongue and made me say words that changed my life forever. Wait i'll just check FB, super quick!....

9PM I get a text message San ka aral?  And then I read the time --9PM?! I post on our facebook thread TAMA NA FACEBOOOOK and everyone ignores me! So fine, I ignore myself too. A few minutes later I was feeling hungry again but Roommate was boycotting my cooking! I don't like cooking for myself  so I post on facebook instead Blueberry pancakes blablabla. I swear if you post anything on facebook that involves food people are going to comment, so PG! In the end I achieve my goal and Roommate agrees to eat. Reluctantly, she says. (Roll eyes)

10PM I start making blueberry pancakes which I've never tried before and before dropping the blueberries into the pan I almost back out and think of making plain pancakes instead. But then I remember that I already advertised on facebook uugh what were you thinking. And so I drop them into the halfcooked pancake flip it and then while I was transferring it onto the plate feeling kinda smug it breaks in half. It's not holding! I shriek as Roommate #2 enters the door. "What's happening?" Pancakes! I used one of your eggs btw. In fairness to him, he does not react. In the end I decide to just mix a few spoonfuls of blueberry in the batter turning it an unsightly purple. Argh! It looks weeeiiirrd!! Gawd who's that girl she's so whiny, irritating! The pancakes turn out well and after demolishing the pile, three of us go back to facebook.

11PM PANIIIIIC! I swear I'm gonna studyyyyyy!  I close my laptop, take out a reviewer and start reading on the sofa. 

1AM I wake up on page 3. Dammit I give up. I get my earphones and STUDY with HIMYM in the background. I finish season 5... 5:30AM?! OMG I hafta sleeeep!

Proctor: Girl.
Proctor: Girl. (Touch on my shoulder)
Proctor: Gising.
And I continue eenie-meenie-miney-mo-ing through the OB exam.

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