09 May 2010

I need this.

Better if the picture showed someone holding a piece of chicken. It's all I'm eating now, apparently. Oh and pizza. Chicken and pizza. How healthy!

The last week's meals:
  1. Sunday dinner: World Chicken's boneless chicken fillet with Mornay cheese and fettuccine alfredo
  2. Monday dinner: McDonald's crispy chicken fillet
  3. Tuesday lunch: Greenwich lasagna + 1 slice ultimate Greenwich Special
  4. Tuesday dinner: Messhall's chicken with brown sauce
  5. Wednesday lunch: Burger King's spicy chicken sandwich
  6. Wednesday dinner: McDonald's crispy chicken sandwich + fries + Angel's pizza (Migz' birthday blowout!)
  7. Thursday blocklunch: Greenwich lasagna + pizza AGAIN. IKR
  8. Thursday dinner: Yellowcab pizza (Cheska's birthday blowout)
  9. Friday lunch: KFC's fully loaded meal
  10. Saturday lunch: 7-11 fried chicken
  11. Saturday dinner: McDonald's crispy chicken sandwich + fries + icecream
  12. Sunday lunch: KFC Zinger
  13. Sunday dinner: Chowking's orange chicken
I KNOW RIGHT. A week's worth of fast food. It's so hard when all your friends are always hungry. My blockmates, my studymates, my room mates. Sigh. And all that chicken! I swear one of these days I'm gonna grow wings.



  1. dude don't do this... don't make me think about... not when i'm emotionally unstable.

  2. Because of your hormonal manipulations? :))
    I SWEAR, HUNGER STRIKE! Where can I buy a mindset like Kate Moss'? "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels." You've gotta be kidding! I can think of a LOT.

  3. She said that? Shes so smart! Yeah maghunger strike ka ala jamby madrigal!

  4. Jamby Madrigal? WAHAAAIIIT. Google.

  5. OMG. That's so stupid. And I'm so ignorant hahahaha i swear buti nalang people keep posting election-related articles on facebook. LOL


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