10 May 2010

Your vote was registered.

Whee! Or should I say, PHEW! The first time I inserted my ballot into that machine which looks like a ginormous trashcan it said MULTIPLE SHEETS! What the hell? I almost start hyperventilating and then Person Assisting People Made Bobo by Machine (which apparently includes me) tells me gently, "when it starts to feed, let go." So there!  I let go of my ballot and it goes in and then Ballot Scanned and then Verifying... Verifying... and then after an infinite number of milliseconds YOUR VOTE WAS REGISTERED! See guys, letting go is important.

And because I think I'm so wise now, I'm going to give my commentary on this election. The voting part was really easy, hooray for that. But it was so disorganized! Only a room was  dedicated per cluster of 5 precints. There was no waiting room. A lot of volunteers don't really know answers to questions. And! And! People are impatient and arrogant. Nobody wants to wait! And there are people who make it worse by cutting lines. I almost lost my cool there. I was standing under a tree (so bucolic, IKR) fanning myself and there were these two guys who were talking and one of them was saying things like "Why did we have to do this automation thing, we should just do it manually like before! it just complicates things!" I just really had to say "You know sir, the reason we don't progress as a nation is because we can't tolerate minor inconveniences." And then I was scared so I left and ran to my daddy. Hehehe.

But seriously! If people are waiting to fall in line in amusement parks, over and over again for different rides, why can't they wait to vote? It's just like riding the Space Shuttle Maxx in Enchanted Kingdom. 2.5 hours in line for a 2 minute ride. (Yes, we timed it: 1 minute to the top, then 30 seconds for you to reach the other side, and then you stop for 20 seconds or so. And then another 20 seconds to level ground! Then finished!) Haha I'm really just pissed coz don't they know what I had to go through to vote today? I had to go home to LB! And then go back to Manila afterwards to go on duty at 2PM! But i really had to vote coz I really want a photogenic president. And senator. Ahihihi. I hope Gibo wins. And Martin Bautista.


  1. Congratulations on voting! I voted too. But I'm like, what lines? Haha! No lines in my precinct.

  2. I just really had to say "You know sir, the reason we don't progress as a nation is because we can't tolerate minor inconveniences." --> eww you're one of those annoying people!!! BUTH, i totally agree. totally.

  3. Jose, ang yabang mo! But yah, i'm inggit!

    Kathy, i know haha but i couldn't help myself talaga. They annoyed me first! Exagg talaga mga tao kanina, lahat may reklamo, i just wanted to scream, everybody shut up and fall in line! Gosh im so bitchy today. Hormones.

  4. Hahaha are you pregnant? Do i post this in your wall?

  5. i'm pregnant AGAIN? hahaha i remember tuloy nung mothers'day the priest asked all mothers to go to the front so he could bless them. and he said, kahit buntis pa lang. and i asked my brother, if i go there would daddy cry? i think he'd die on the spot if one of his friends would tell him, uy balita ko your daughter's pregnant!


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