13 May 2010

Of cheesy lines and punch lines

  • "When you are around her, you are not exactly rational."
  • "[She] might be a strong independent woman on the outside, but she's just a girl, wanting to be loved by her man." -- Frankly, this line made me vomit a little hahaha.
  • "Life is making mistakes." "Death is wishing you had made more."
  • "He said he missed me." "Was he trying to undress you while he was saying it?" "We were on the patio!" "You were naked on the patio?"
  • "You mean... there's a gay man inside my body?"
  • "My body is a wonderland; your body is a wasteland! Deal with it!"
Hee. 'The Bounty Hunter' and 'Here Comes the Bride' -- sulit! Gerard Butlerrr. ♥

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