19 May 2010

Crazy Days.

I've been trying to write something about the last four crazy-ass, adrenaline-pumped days of my life but it always ends up as a big whiny post about my kawawa life as the Pedia Neuro intern with 5 patients on mannitol. DELETE! I read a few sentences and I realize, "OMG I sound like [garbled sounds]!" Not good.

It might not be obvious but I'm actually having fun in Pedia. I'm weird, IKR, I even liked my CI duty wouldjabelieve? I therefore conclude! That i like poking people with needlez! Seriously though, it's tiresome and tedious and it drives me nuts but at the end of the day I realize I like it. OMG I like kids. My world just turned upside down. :))

I gotta say, pedia internship is waaaay better than clerkship. Nevermind the fact that I now have FIFTEEN patients instead of five and my butt hardly makes sayad on the callroom chairs before I have to go out again for more needle poking and mannitol pushing. It's better. I don't know how. But it is! And I don't know how i'm supposed to finish that thought coz I can't really expound so let's talk about mannitol instead. (Sorry, it's the most ubiquitous thing in my life right now LOL.) The thing i hate about pushing mannitol (save for the fact that my thumb is now really really sore) is that I actually have to stay beside a patient's bed and listen to them or their PARENTS talk and complain and such. The thing I love about it is that I get to hear lots of funny stuff. Borderline freaky, really funny stuff. Patients are weird. IKR. Meet my patients!

1. Ang Prinsesa. Of all my patients I know her best because every four hours I have to visit her and push 200cc of mannitol, And I would dread going to her bed because she is, frankly, a HUGE pain in the ass. "Maam, gusto ko ng lugaw." "Ibili mo ako ng lugaw." "Kelan mo ba ko pakakainin? Gutom na ko uhaw pa!" "Maam gusto ko ng tubig!" And then as if on cue, tears would fall. Not moved by tears, I would stoically ignore her. That's my talent! AUTO-IGNORE! (Thank you Wilson!) I'd extract blood, and tears again. SIGH. She probably hates me, I think.And then! Monday morning, I go to her bed.

"Ma'am bakit wala ka kagabi?" In an accusing tone, IKR.
Syempre umuuwi din ako! In an equally maldita voice.
"Gusto ko ikaw lang magtuturok sa akin. Ikaw lang mag-aalaga sakin."
*Laughs* Naku eh next week aalis na ko dito, dapat magaling ka na by that time!
"Maam pwede bang sumama ka na lang samin pag-uwi? Dun ka na lang tumira sa bahay namin. Para ikaw na lang palagi magtuturok sakin. Wag ka na lang magmedicine ikaw na lang magiging personal nurse ko!"
Buti nalang natapos din ang 200cc.]

And then this morning.
"Ma'am bakit ngayon ka lang? Iba yung nagturok sakin kaninang umaga!"
Hindi ako duty eh.
"Alam mo bang andami nang nangyari sa buhay ko habang wala ka?"

FTW. And she goes on to say how she can now move her neck and her toes. I almost cried but then she went on to tell me she might be transferred to Rehab and she wanted to get my number so she can text me when someone has to push her meds, honestly she's starting to freak me out hahaha I couldn't push that 200cc fast enough. 


To be continued.


  1. Because youre crazy my dear...

  2. I know. Hahahaha. But gosh seriously, my patient is freaking me out. The other day she CRIED dahil hapon ko na sya nadaanan. REFER TO PSYCHHHHH!


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