26 September 2011

Last Weekend Mostly in Food Photos.

I am not, nor can I ever be a food blogger. Haha. My descriptive powers are blocked when it comes to food, and my judgment seems to be limited to whether the food is masarap or sulit. I am, unfortunately, unlike the characters in Cooking Master Boy who can describe dishes as "it tastes like a chicken drowning in the ocean clucking for help!" (NO KIDDING you should watch it.) I am just someone who raves about stuff that makes her happy, which happens to involve a lot of food, and friends who also like to eat. :D

Friday Dinner: Bistro Ravioli
I've eaten at Bistro Ravioli before and I'm a fan of their Spinach and Feta Cheese Ravioli! :) When I arrived though Julie and Bea had already ordered the Chicken Pesto Spaghetti and a Pizza Margherita for sharing. And wow. I don't like ordering pesto because a lot of times it's overpriced and too oily, and the tiny bits of leaves stick to my teeth. This one was seriously delicious, though. I wanted to eat more than 3 forks-ful but since I was going to Mercato, hm, next time nalang.

No pictures, because I forgot I had a camera. (The usual.) This one comes from the Bistro Ravioli Facebook Page. Hehe.

Friday After-Dinner: Midnight Mercato
This deserves its own post. Read A Place For Happy Tummies: Return to Midnight Mercato  :)

Saturday Lunch: Magic Wok in Glorietta
Patrick had to run some errands in Makati Med, and dragged me to go have lunch in Glorietta so we can split a cab. User! Hahaha.

During pre-med and my early years of medical school, one of my favorite restaurants was Gary's along Taft Avenue. Food was good and cheap, and it was right across PGH. My personal favorites were the Lechon Macau with Kangkong and their Beef Tenderloin Tips. When they closed during my second year in med school, the entire PGH community was devastated! Later we found out from the owners who were also doctors, that the food in Gary's can be found in Magic Wok in Ayala Mall foodcourts. I've been meaning to eat there since, but I keep forgetting hehe. Good thing I remembered Magic Wok this time!

Lechon Macau with Kangkong <3 Only 85php!
Bento meal with Korean BBQ 135php.
Coffee jelly with vanilla icecream 55php.
The lechon macau with kangkong was just as good as I remembered. Not just the sauce, the fried pork itself was really REALLY good. Meat was crunchy on the outside but tender inside. Shanghai Cuisine's lechon macau = poser. Hahaha! Trick had the bento meal and slurped it in 5 minutes. Afterwards he bought dessert: coffee jelly with vanilla ice cream. I had a spoonful and it was yummy, though I would have preferred stronger coffee jelly. :D

Saturday Afternoon Coffee: Mc Cafe
Trick left me around 1PM, and I was meeting another friend at 4:00, so I did some window shopping first. (This part of my trip to Manila was unplanned so shopping wasn't in the budget haha.) After a while I found myself in Bibliarch, a specialty bookstore, and I got depressed because I wanted to buy books and didn't have money for it! I really wanted to buy Aung San Suu Kyi's The Courage to Stand Alone: Letters from Prison and Other Writings, Cleopatra's biography (I'm still in my nonfiction phase hehe), a Pratchett novel, and Tatler's Best Philippine Restaurants of 2011! After that I didn't want to shop anymore so I just went to McCafe, ordered an iced latte and sat down to play games on my phone.

The latte had too much milk and not enough coffee. And I really don't get why anyone would top an iced latte with whipped cream. :| Not buying that again, I'm sticking with the iced coffee next time. 

And then with an hour to go before my meetup, my phone goes low batt! I was in a coffee shop with nothing to entertain myself with for at least an hour! CRAP. But I thought, "good thing med school trains you for tunganga moments like this." Haha. I was thinking about all the non-academic stuff med school has taught me and was wishing I had a notebook to write my thoughts in, when my eyes fell onto the napkin. After an hour:

10 Things That Med School Taught Me About Life: First draft. Haha. :P

Saturday Afternoon Tea: Seattle's Best Coffee 

Iced Chai Tea Latte and a Belgian Waffle
Because we didn't know where else to go, I found myself in another coffee shop, this time in Greenbelt. Haha. I didn't want another coffee out of principle so I tried their Iced Chai Tea Latte instead. Seriously the best chai tea latte I've had ever. The Starbucks Iced Chai pales in comparison! The Belgian waffles were also yum!

Saturday Dinner: World Chicken
World Chicken is another one of my happy food haunts (I also have an unhealthy addiction to chicken). When the one in Robinson's Place Manila closed, I would go to SM Mall of Asia or SM Manila to have their jerk chicken. :D

I was not in the mood for rice, though, so I just had the chicken breast fillet + Mornay cheese sauce with a siding of tuna fettuccine. 

It doesn't look it, but it's yummy. I was really full from the waffle and all the milk in my coffee and tea though, so I ended up eating only a bit of the pasta. I ate all of the chicken, of course. :D

Grabe. I eat so much during my weekend trips to the city! But it's so hard to think of something to do with my friends that doesn't involve eating. The goal is to catch up, and there's no better way to do that than over good food and/or drinks.

So good job to me and Julie for this non-eating activity:

Pedicure at Bruno's Barbers! =) 

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