25 October 2010

Ortho Fix*

Halfway through my orthopedics rotation, and the one thing I've learned so far is that I know essentially nothing about anatomy. I don't think I've ever been this lame in any rotation, ever. Here they don't care about whether you know the whole caboodle of drugs for MI or what to do with a child who's in active seizure (Phenobarbital IV, never diazepam! - Dr. Lukban) or how to compute for the target mean arterial pressure (MAP) in a patient with pre-eclampsia (gestational hypertension)! They just bark: what is this muscle! What happens when this nerve is cut! Why are these bones configured like this! Geez. Most days all I manage to say is "UUULP!"

So after an overly embarassing OR assist with Sir M and Sir K after which I received more homework than what I've had for an entire six months of internship, I decided to study anatomy. It makes my head hurt. Haaay boards how will I ever study for you!

But apart from feeling like a dunce all the time in the operating room, I think I like Ortho. It's way cool, big boys and their badass toys! Plus Sir K made it sound mighty appetizing when he started lamenting about having to study physics and biomechanics. I AM SUCH A DORK. Hahaha.

*Pun intended!


  1. kitam phenobarb mali talaga yung diaz answer don!!! anyhoo, ill give you my high yield anatomy it's all you need. i'll be there tomorrow. text me.

  2. Yes phenobarb I am sure hinahunting ni maam ang mga pedia residents na nagbibigay ng diaz at nilelecturan sa ER. :))

    Yay, yay. Borrow! =) Thankzzz.


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