31 October 2010


I was surprised to realize I was having Ortho- withdrawal, what with all my complaints about the long assists at the operating room, and having to carry heavy limbs and having to go to conferences and clinics post-duty. I don't miss feeling bobo about anatomy but I really thought I was getting less stupid by the day eh hahaha! That's one of the good things about having almost no baseline knowledge haha the learning curve is really steep. Hehe.

I had my first duty in neurosurgery yesterday and although being duty on call is the bomb, I found myself getting a little envious whenever I saw the Ortho clerk and intern splinting, casting or even reading x-ray plates! I have now established that I am happiest when I'm busy and crankiest when I'm bored. People dream about retiring on an island where it is peaceful and all you do in the afternoons is sit in the patio to watch the sunset, but NOOOO. Not for this girl, although that isn't so bad once you put a really good book and an afternoon cocktail into the picture. But I suppose I'll get tired even of that after a while, so still no. Haha. So I hope to find a partner who will indulge me when I whisk him off (or leave him, whatever) to travel to parts of the world I've only imagined in books. And I don't mean Europe! I mean war zones and other places like that. Seriously, this is the reason why I want to join Doctors without Borders. (I've been thinking about it since I read Jonathan Kaplan's The Dressing Station: A Surgeon's Chronicles of War and Medicine.) 

Anyhoo. I'm home and my goal for the weekend is to purge all my tiredness hahaha so that on Tuesday I can start tiring myself again! I wasn't able to go to my favorite neighborhood pub the entire week so next week it's time to make bawi! Hehe. The 4 o' clock habit resumes on Tuesday, yeahoo.

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