06 September 2011

"Ate Patulong Naman, Please."

Those words changed the course of my afternoon.

I had planned to get away from the house, hang out in a coffee-shop for a while --maybe read a chapter of Snell and answer a crossword or two -- then go to the mall and window-shop. Instead I ended up slumped on the floor cutting paper and wrestling with long strips of tape. Not exactly the way I wanted to spend my afternoon! 

But how do you say no to your little brother?

I was watching another episode of Numb3rs (S04E11) earlier today (I have all episodes on my hard drive and I never get tired of repeatedly watching them!) and there was a scene where Charlie gives an interview about a case then gets stalked and almost gets killed. When Don arrives at the scene they have the following conversation:
CHARLIE: That wasn't the first time I saw that truck, I think he followed me last night.
DON: What are you talking about, why didn't you tell me?
CHARLIE: Because you were already so pissed off about my interview. So I just didn't tell you.
DON: C'mon Charlie. C'mon. You can come to me. You come to me for everything.
Maybe it's instinctive, that when your younger siblings need help, you want to be the one they ask for it. No matter how long you haven't been in touch. No matter what the circumstances. Whether it be an engineering project, or a murderous stalker, or financial assistance. Kahit pa hindi kayo masyadong close.

So today, I was THRILLED to be asked for help. It felt really really good to be needed by my super-smart-soon-to-be-engineer brother. Even if it was only to glue and tape sheets of paper together! That's something I can do better than he can, YAY! Haha joke lang! Truth is, I missed doing stuff him. We used to be really close (we even named each other "Brother Dear" and "Dearest Sis" on our phonebooks haha) and do lots of things together like jigsaw puzzles and movies, but these past years, we've just become too busy and involved with our own lives. Even now that I'm living at home we mostly stay in our own bedrooms because he's always studying for an exam or doing his manuscript or finishing a project while I keep myself busy with StumbleUpon and my stash of downloaded TV shows (what a productive life I lead haha). So yeah, today was nice.

Another scene from Numb3rs (S03E23):
SHRINK: So Don, How do you fee working with Charlie now?
DON: I just feel like I'm taking advantage of him you know? Like I'm using him or something.
SHRINK: Charlie?
CHARLIE: I love it. I love working with my brother.
I hope my brother (or my sister) never hesitates to ask for my help ever, because I love working with him too. :)


  1. "he's always studying for an exam or doing his manuscript or finishing a project while I keep myself busy with StumbleUpon and my stash of downloaded TV shows"


  2. That's the way we roll! Haha.

    Oy but I studied today! 50 is an acceptable number of pages. :D

  3. Anonymous6:12 AM

    Hey Allison, did you end up becoming a neuro surgeon like you always used to rant about?

    Although, I always felt that Orthopaedics wasn't a bad choice; after all you certainly got the muscle for it!

  4. One question, WHO ARE YOU? :D I certainly got the muscle for it? FUUU. Hahaha.

    Haha I haven't even started residency yet! But I've realized the surgical lifestyle is not for me. I enjoy it, but it's not what I want to do for the rest of my life. :] Right now I'm leaning towards Pediatrics (I know I said I hated that but, well, I changed my mind.)


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