05 September 2011

Food Memories

Yesterday I came across this list on my Tumblr dashboard. Nagutom ako bigla! Haha. I bookmarked it para if ever I felt like going on an LB food trip (which I haven't done since high school!) I'd know what to eat.

And then I couldn't stop thinking about the food I've missed since I left Manila. Haha. Madali akong gutumin! My blockmates and friends in med school were foodies too and our favorite activity was eating out (hence the weight gain during internship haha). So here's my own list of my med school happy food. When I get back to Manila, I'll revisit them one by one talaga!

1. Wabi-Sabi Noodle House and Vegetarian Grocery (The Collective, Makati) Banh Mih veggiemeat sandwich, Viet Pho and Ramen

Banh Mih (Or as they spell it Banh My). This is the half-sandwich which costs P75 only!

2. Oarhouse Pub of Manila (Bocobo Street, Malate) Fish and chips, chili con carne, eggplant mozarella, Jesus Christ chili peppers, meatball spaghetti, breakfast pizza (I swear I love everything they serve here!)
Jesus Christ Chili Peppers (mozarella stuffed chili peppers that make you shout the name of Jesus)
3. Chicken Charlie (Adriatico Street, Malate) Cheesestick dynamite, spicy chicken wings (as yummy as Chicken Bon Chon but cheaper!)
4. Banana Leaf (Midtown Wing, Robinsons Ermita) Cheese roti with curry dip/ condensed milk
5. Super Six Grill House (Remedios Street, Malate) Grilled tofu and all other sorts of grilled stuff
6. The Real Thing Diner (Il Terazo, Tomas Morato) Sarsi fish and chips, Coca Cola BBQ burger and the best Sarsi float in the city
Coca Cola BBQ Burger. I'm very picky about my burgers but I liked this one. :]
7. Nomnomnom Happy Food (1 Tomas Morato cor E. Rodriguez Ave.) Fried ravioli (kangkong, cheese and mushroom), Nuggets mo (veggie nuggets), V.S.T. (stuffed tomatoes)
Our block. Stressed med students turned happy boys and girls at NomNomNom.
(For food pics just go to nomhappyfood.multiply.com hehe) 
8. Chocolat (SM Mall of Asia) Deep Dark Classic; Death by Tablea chocolate cakes
9. Peanut Butter Company (SM Mall of Asia) Butter fish steak sandwich and A&W rootbeer (that's the only place I see it being sold!)
My dismantled Butter Fish Steak Sandwich. :)) Doesn't look like much but really yum!
(Grilled fish fillet + butter peanut butter + tomato + lettuce + wasabi mayo = tastebud delight)
10. Banapple (Ayala Triangle; Il Terazo, Tomas Morato; Katipunan) Lasagna rolls, pecan shoofly pie
11. Amici (Ayala Triangle; SM Megamall) Spinach ravioli (plus gelato from Cara Mia)
12. Dunkin Cafe aka the high-end version of Dunkin Donuts (Fort Bonifacio; SM Mall of Asia) Cheese trickles (chocolate donut with parmesan!)
13. Wai Ying (Binondo, Manila) Lemon chicken, white chicken
14. Su Zhou Dimsum (Mabini St., Malate; Binondo) Xiao Long Bao
15. Makan Makan Asian Food Village (2F, Manila Ocean Park) Sauteed dry beef hofan, pad thai
16. World Chicken (SM Mall of Asia, Ayala Mall food courts) Jerk chicken; grilled chicken with Mornay cheese sauce, fettucine al tono, russian potato salad
17. Conti's (Serendra; Greenbelt III) Mango bravo
18. Magic Wok (Ayala Mall foodcourts) I haven't actually eaten here but they serve the food from Gary's (previously along Taft Avenue) which has now closed. I want to eat their Lechon Macau again!

Nabusog ako sa pictures from their websites. Hehe. I feel like there are a lot of others I can't remember yet, but I think this is enough for now. Tonight I'll sleep and dream of food! =)

Pictures in this post from my Tumblr, Oarhouse's facebook page and ClicktheCity.com

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