03 September 2011


To Cagayan de Oro and back, October 26 to November 2!

Thank you Cebu Pacific seat sale!

It’s been so looong since my last “sembreak” vacation hahahaha. Feeling student!

It’s also been a long time since my last vacation to Cagayan de Oro. I was probably 9. There was that brief visit when I was 15, after a math competition in Davao; and that impromptu weekend trip for my Lola’s wake last February, but I don’t think any of those count.

It will be nice to go back not as a kid just following her parents around. :]

Double nice to have the entire clan there for Lolo’s birthday (Oct 27). After he turned 80 my dad and his sister and brothers (they are NINE, in total) decided to always go back home for Lolo’s remaining birthdays. After Lola died, they also decided that it would be better if the grandkids (and great grandkids!) were also there. Hehe. Imagine the riot, 9 children + their husband/wives; 23 grandchildren, a few of them married; and 5 great-grandchildren for one birthday party. Fun!

I am excited hehehe. Not only because I get to go "home" in a sense, but because I really like going to different places.They don't call me "Kiki the Explorer" for nothing! I haven't been anywhere out of the country yet (because nahihiya talaga ako to ask my parents for money for that) but I've done my fair share of travelling locally. I've never been back to CDO as a tourist though and I feel cheated somehow that I have roots there and yet I've never even gone white water rafting! (Hindi pa yun uso when I was 9 eh hehe)

So forgive me, if I sound like a giddy schoolgirl here. I actually feel like one. Haha. When I decided not to take the boards I said I wanted to do some non-med things first, stuff I didn't get to do when I was still in med school. But I couldn't figure out what exactly! Now I have an idea -- I'm going exploring! :]

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