04 September 2011

Family Ties

Last week, my cousin got married, and because it was a long weekend, our relatives from Mindanao came to attend the wedding and do some sightseeing. There were 20 of them! So again yay to Cebu Pacific for the cheap domestic flights! (I've been a fan of the airline since I flew to Davao in 2004, I hate delayed flights kasi hehe and now they always have seat sales pa!)

Can you imagine touring 20 people around the metro? Including the three families who lived here in Luzon, there were more than 30 of us! Haha. Meals were always difficult because it was hard to find places where we'd fit, plus the kids kept running around, so mostly we ended up eating in food courts and at one time, sa party area ng Jollibee! 

And it was tiring. :| If you were the one on vacation, syempre you'd like to cram as many sights and activities as possible, so naturally they wanted to do so many things, like go to Manila Ocean Park, watch in IMAX, go to Tagaytay, club hop in Tomas Morato, visit the house of Jose Rizal and the new Rizal Park, try out the rides in Enchanted Kingdom, go to Serendra eh they were here for 4 days lang including the wedding! And since my dad and his brothers were planning, their plan was no plan at all, typical boys! Hahaha. It was a rioooot! But it was also loads of fun, so when they left I was grateful for the quiet but I missed the noise haha ang labo.

The good thing about cousins is that although you never really get to see each other much, you somehow remain close. I don't know how that works, but I'm glad it does. I'm also happy that although all of us have obviously grown up, we haven't grown apart. :]

But what I really liked about their visit was seeing my dad and his brothers interact. They were so protective of Lolo and one another! During a late night drive to Antipolo, and during the drive home, they were calling each other in half hour intervals asking stuff like "Where are you now?" and "Are you okay?" nung una nakakainis because it was 1AM and I was trying to sleep and there was daddy yelling on the phone but it also made me smile kasi nakakatuwa sila. 

My brother and I are close while my younger sister grew up not really close to either of us.As kids, my brother and I fought a lot too, because seriously, little brothers are nosy little pests! But as we grew older and started to have similar interests in books and music, we grew closer. Now we're tightlikethis. Haha. My sister and I never really had that chance because I "left" for Manila when she was 9. All three of us live with my parents now, though, and we get along better now than we ever did before. So yay! I really hope that when we grow older and have families, we become just as close as my dad and his brothers and sister. Nakakainggit kasi! :)

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