13 September 2011

Current Distractions: Pottermore, Tiki Towers and Chelsea Handler

Weapons of Mass Distraction.

Last week I felt like I was on a roll in productivity. Until I got my welcome email from Pottermore, and my life has been consumed by potions-making. Swear. I even stopped watching Numb3rs (halfway through the fifth season now) for this.To those of you who have been hiding under a rock for the past six months, 
Pottermore is an exciting new website from J.K. Rowling that can be enjoyed alongside the Harry Potter books. You can explore the stories like never before and discover exclusive new writing from the author. It is FREE to join and use, and is designed to be safe for people of all ages.
I got my Welcome email (at last!) last Friday and since Saturday morning:

1. Been going through the entire first book
2. Opened a Gringotts account
3.  gone shopping in Diagon Alley
4. Bought a wand that matches my temperament hehe
5. Had myself sorted into Gryffindor (yay)
6. Learned to do spells and wizard duel
7. Been brewing potions and have made my cauldron explode
8. Made new friends within and outside my House, and
9. Earned points for the House Cup, which the Slytherin
buggers have been winning.  Hahaha. 

I also can't stop playing Tiki Towers! TT is a game I downloaded for my SE txtpro, which entails building bridges from a set number of bamboo sticks, collecting bananas, and not killing my monkeys. For someone who claims to love physics, this game embarrasses me. Hahaha. One thing you should know about me, I never quit! :) I plod on and on kahit na all I seem to achieve is:

I see this screen way too much.
I'm a monkey mass murderer.

And Chelsea Handler is just hilarious. I've only read a few chapters of her book Are You There, Vodka, It's Me, Chelsea, but she's got me laughing so hard inside.  It's so hard to put down! (Or, as I am reading on my laptop, so hard to close hehe)

The book is as funny as the title suggests!

I probably have to add Picasa3 to this list too. I can't stop making collages and playing around with photos! This is BAAAAD. I still have to:
  1. Do Miki's yearbook writeup
  2. Finish that H&L article na deadline tomorrow LATER
  3. Finish reading high yield anatomy kasi 10 million years na yon, I need to move on.


  1. When I got my welcome mail from Pottermore, I did not sleep! Seriously. :D

  2. Me too! I couldn't stop brewing potions and I went through all the chapters again to make sure I didn't miss something. :D I can't believe there are people there who have thousands of points, they must have not slept for a week.


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