07 October 2011

My Tastebuds Are Green

I like green food.

I don't mean green leafy vegetables hahaha the truth of it is I didn't even eat them until premed when my blockmate Ana started force-feeding me veggies (as in she would cut them in small pieces and hide them in my food the crazy girl) and I realized they weren't that bad and they helped me in um, doing my business. So now I eat them although you still can't make me eat okra and ampalaya. Do not even try force-feeding me that!!!

But I'm going off tangent again. Mom brought home a pack of matcha chocolates today (given to her by a friend, I guess), and tossed it to me. That might have something to do with the fact that I brought home her favorite Kruffins so exchange gift kami haha but I also think she knows us well enough to know that I'm the one who goes giddy-happy at the sight of anything green tea flavored. Hello I was the one who brought home green tea flavored peanut butter which nobody else in our family liked!

Well, only the packaging is actually green but it's the idea that counts. :P
I don't recall how this started. When my classmate Ilian asked me to try his green tea frap at Starbucks, I remember saying "Eck lasang damo!!" (It tastes like grass!!) The first time I tried mint chocolates I also complained it tasted like toothpaste. I hated wasabi because it made me feel like smoke was coming out my nostrils. (Wow, now I understand why my friends keep telling me I'm so fickle!)

But as they say, past is past. I've changed my mind, now I love green food!
How do I love green? Let me count the ways:

My favorite junk:

Pringles and Piattos in Sour Cream and Onion
Oishi Ridges in Onion and Garlic
Oishi Gourmet Picks in Wasabi and Nori

My favorite Starbucks drink:

Green tea frappuccino, no whip

My favorite ice cream flavors:

Green tea, Mint-chocolate, Pistachio, and Avocado
(That's avocado in the picture but they all kinda look the same)

I remember going on a late night visit to the mall with my friend Patrick looking for avocado flavored sorbet (from Arce dairy). We ended up going home with green tea and pistachio ice cream, both from FIC. :D

Other green favorites:

Jalapeno and Green Chili Peppers
Andes Creme de Menthe Thins
Buko Pandan Salad

Green Jelly Ace.
Give me a pack and the green ones will be the first to go, purple last. :D

Also, anything else that comes in these basic flavors: green-tea, mint, and wasabi! :D I am dying to try the Green Tea Kitkat and Mint Kitkat I've been seeing so much of in Facebook and Twitter. Where do I find that!

I like a lot of non-green food too, mind you, like chocolates (my one great love!) and pizza and chicken wings and everything potato but I tell you, when it comes to choosing flavors, either for cakes, ice cream, fruit shakes, chips, even jelly ace or M&Ms (yes even though they taste the same, I still have preferences), the green team always wins! 

Not applicable to pasta, because tomato and meatballs always wins over pesto. But give me a nice spinach ravioli anytime!!!


  1. Uwi kitang Green Tea KitKat when we go to Osaka in November. It's super yummy. :)

  2. I am speechless in happiness!!! Thank you Miki!!!

  3. Green Tea Kitkat is so good! I can't wait for you to try it out :)

    P.S. I love mint chocolate too. My husband does not so more for me! :D Haha


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