09 October 2011

TV Woes

People are too affected by what's happening on TV.

I open my Twitter and Dimples Romana and Ryan Bang are trending topics (read about the controversy here). Everyone has an opinion about it! Why is the network allowing it to happen, what she did was admirable, why did he have to cry on television etc. 

Ryan Bang. I just met him today courtesy of Twitter.
The network wars seem to extend to the fan bases. My blockmates once had intense debate about Kapuso (GMA 7) vs Kapamilya (ABS-CBN). Yes, this happens even in the top medical school in the country. 

A usual dinner topic for my mom and dad is primetime TV and how this character is so naive, how this plot dragging on too long, why everyone gets amnesia or catatonia! I used to participate in these discussions until I realized I had a better solution. I stopped watching.

So come on people, get a life.

Says the girl who cried when Numb3rs had their finale. And who still watches Casey-Cappie videos on YouTube! Haha. 

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