13 October 2011

New Book Wishlist

The bookworm in me is super stoked for the month of October.

When I get my remaining 3K from my previous encoding job, the first place I'll be going to is Powerbooks! I think any fan of the sci-fic/ fantasy genre would want to do the same: Terry Pratchett, Orson Scott Card, and Douglas Adams are all releasing new novels this month! As for other favorites, Haruki Murakami and Chuck Palahniuk also have new books, and the sixth book in Jeff Lindsay's Dexter series is here! O.O

New additions to my book wishlist:

Snuff by Terry Pratchett
The 39th book in the Discworld series starring no less than my favorite Discworld character ever Samuel Vimes! (My number two is Lord Vetinari, he's awesome.) Vimes goes on a holiday and finds dead bodies, etc. but he could decide to become a stripper or something and it would hardly matter. What I feel for Sammy Vimes is true love.

1Q84 by Haruki Murakami
I like the way Murakami plays with words. I have a huge crush on his novels hihihi.

Formic Wars: Burning Earth by Orson Scott Card
The prequel to Ender's Game! The only drawback is, since it's a prequel, there is no Ender or Bean in this novel.

The Meaning of Liff by Douglas Adams & John Lloyd
In life and, indeed, in liff, there are many hundreds of common experiences, feelings, situations and even objects which we all know and recognize, but for which no words exist. This text uses place names to describe some of these meanings.
Interesting. Plus it's Douglas Adams.
Double Dexter by Jeff Lindsay
I had my first encounter with Dexter only a few months ago and he is now my favorite psychopath. I finished all the other Dexter books in a week! I still haven't watched the TV series, but I'm working on that.

Damned by Chuck Palahniuk
Chuck Palahniuk is one of those writers for whom I don't really have a definite opinion of. At times I think he's brilliant, but at times I also feel he's just a really weird guy with a twisted sense of humor. But this book is about "an eleven year old girl who finds herself in Hell, unsure of why she will be there for all eternity, but tries to make the best of it" -- sounds promising.

Nicholas Sparks also has a new book out but the romance genre has never really interested me, and I find his novels depressing because SOMEONE ALWAYS DIES. My friend P says I just have a very masculine taste in reading material hahaha.

I also browsed through the non-fic books because that's my thing now haha but I didn't find anything I liked in the new releases. I'm still sifting through my other Goodreads recommendations.

Oh, and my birthday's on the seventh of December. Just putting it out there. :D


  1. Adding you on Goodreads. For the record, I love love love Chuck Palahniuk! I think he's original, refreshingly cynical and nihilistic. I can't wait for Damned.

  2. I usually like reading Palahniuk too, but I didn't enjoy Snuff or Rant that much. My favorite Palahniuk books are Lullaby and Diary. :)

    I'll add you on Goodreads too! :)


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