12 October 2011

On Zippers of Time and Alternate Universes

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My favorite theory of physics (not that I know much, but I really wish I did) is the M-theory, or the theory of multiverses, also known as the many-worlds-theory or multiple-worlds-theory or the theory of alternate/parallel universes. It dummy-speak, it says the universe we inhabit is but a small pocket in a much greater universe, and every possible outcome happens in a universe parallel to our own.

I first encountered this in the Terry Pratchett book that got me hooked on his Discworld novels: "Science of Discworld III: Darwin's Watch" where he and his co-writers Ian Stewart and Jack Cohen discussed this at length, and I mean there were entire paragraphs not part of the story line explaining string theory and parallel universes and a lot of other stuff I skipped because they gave me a headache.

If this theory were true, everything occurs, as long as we can conceive it. All our choices happen simultaneously but in another, parallel universe. Multiverses = infinite possibilities.

I don't know yet if this is a theory I actually subscribe to, I tried studying it but I found the discussion of the movement of photons etc too daunting. :/  I just find it a comforting thought,  that when we make mistakes in this universe, there exists another universe where our doppelgängers got it right. Everyone gets his/ her happy ending somewhere in the vastness of the multiverse. :)


  1. http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/2020568.The_Tale_of_the_Pulsating_Gate This book introduced me to that theory.

  2. Are You Afraid of the Dark? I loved that as a kid! :)

  3. You should watch Fringe alikoy! :) Super ganda na series about parallel universes, :)

  4. Talaga? Haha inignore ko lang yung show na yun di ko kasi type ang title! Sige I'll dload the pilot! Thanks Aiza! :)


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