25 October 2011


(The sequel to BOOKED!)

All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go!

Hehe. Finally done packing! I weighed my check-in luggage and it's a measly 5kg (let's say 6 after I add the laptop.) What a waste of 15kg baggage allowance. It makes me wonder if I should pack more stuff, or if I forgot to pack something!

I usually roll my clothes to save on space, but no
need for that on this trip. :D

I'm a very light packer. I'm used to traveling on lite fares with very little to no baggage allowance for check-in, all hand carry! So my usual baggage is really 5kg. Hahaha. And by the end of the trip I still have one or two extra clothes. :D

But even though I pack light, there are things I'll never travel without:

  1. Novels - I almost always have one in my bag, even when I'm not travelling. For this trip, two novels I still haven't finished: Lost in a Good Book by Jasper Fforde and From Square One by Dean Olsher. 
  2. Blowdryer - that's my favorite blow dryer made by Imarflex (the same one that makes your rice cookers, uhuh) and it comes with brush attachments for hassle free blow-drying. I've had it for 7 years and I love it to bits. My brods (from our brother fraternity in med school) say it looks like a giant dildo. Hahaha.
  3. A notebook/ journal
  4. Music player - packed with upbeat tracks to keep me awake, and my rainy day playlist which always lulls me to sleep. 
  5. Make-up kit - which is not really a "make-up kit" because it contains all kinds of stuff like tissue and pimple remover and nailcutters and hairpins.
  6. Puzzle Book - Usually a crossword book but I can't seem to find my Posh Crosswords book anywhere. :( When I went to Boracay this summer I packed a Physiology book instead of a puzzle book. I read two pages in five days. So back to puzzle books for dull moments.
I'm also bringing my camera but I can't say I never travel without it because I didn't actually own one for many years. :D

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