22 October 2011

Photoblog: Chocolate Explosion at Max Brenner

My friend KM is leaving on Monday to become a municipal health officer somewhere in Northern Samar, so it was mandatory that we do something this weekend to catch up before she goes to the land of erratic phone and broadband signals.

She hadn't tried Max Brenner yet, so we went there after lunch at Conti's to have dessert. No complaints from me, because I am a chocolate monsturrr, and because chocolate is good for you!

Deep Dark Truffle Cake

Mint Chocolate

Splenda- based Chocolate Souffle

 I was a little put off because some of the menu items (a.k.a everything we initially ordered) were not available. It's one of my pet peeves, because most of the time I go to restaurants already with something specific in mind. (Like today at Conti's, "was it okay if my fish and chips had rice instead of fries?" Fish and CHIPS nga eh. Annoying.)

Good thing we were having chocolate, because it's hard to stay annoyed when you're being pumped with serotonins (the happy hormones). :D

The deep dark truffle cake was rich and very chocolatey but not really special. Personally, I liked Chocolat's deep dark chocolate cake better. The mint chocolate drink was good though, very minty without tasting like toothpaste. Hahaha.

My personal favorite: the splenda based chocolate souffle! We had to wait almost half an hour for it, but it was worth every minute and every peso! Dark, and very rich, the souffle actually tasted a little like tablea, but not as bitter. I'm not good at describing food, but I tell you, this was the bomb!

So yeah, even though they didn't have the churros or the pralines or the mud max cake, overall I was pleased. :D

All photos taken with the crappy 2MP camera of my Nokia phone. Edited with Picnik because the originals were ugly and unrepairable by Picasa. Hehe. I played around a little and used the 1960s effects because it's like looking at the photos through rose-tinted glasses. :) 


  1. Chocolates nomnom!

  2. May Max Brenner pa pala sa greenbelt! AHAHAHAHA pinaka huli na sa balita, all this time ay akala ko nalugi sila or something when the store disappeared from where it was by the escalator going up to Music One. I'm not even sure if may Music One pa nga ba ahahahaha. I would believe and take the description "THE BOMB" anytime over pretentious cooking contest descriptions!

  3. Haha may music one pa nga ba? :D Mga kainan lang memorize ko haha ganon talaga pag matakaw. Hehe

  4. Like today at Conti's, "was it okay if my fish and chips had rice instead of fries?" Fish and CHIPS nga eh. Annoying. - This really made me laugh because I'm the same way. Hahaha

    I should go to Max Brenner again. Haven't been there in a while. Thanks to this post, I have plans on Friday. LOL

  5. If my friend wasn't leaving we wouldn't have remembered it was there. There are so many nice restaurants to go to nowadays! Buti nalang it was on her bucket list. :)

    Even now we're already planning a repeat after the break. :D


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