21 October 2011

Photoblog/ Review: MARU

Dinner: MARU! 

It was love at first bite.

My empty plate waiting to be filled. 

They served us nine free appetizers in small plates which our server deftly arranged into two rows.

I am a stranger to Korean food (it's my first time to try a Korean restaurant EVER) so I really can't identify them, but I'm sure one of them was kimchi. Hehe.

I tried googling "Maru Korean Restaurant" and found out the appetizers varied from one visit to the other. They serve it differently in every branch too. Personally, I think the one we went to (Robinson's Midtown) wins the award for best presentation! The matching ceramic bowls were pretty.

My favorite appetizers:

Rom, Kevin and I ordered ahead while waiting for two other friends. I had pork and squid sauteed in spicy sauce (350php), sorry I forgot what it's called. It was very spicy and really derishus. :D

Served very HOT.
If you look at the picture closely, you'll see the wisps of smoke.
And see how red that is? Spiciness = happiness. :)

Rom had the Dolsot Bibimbap (beef and veggies with rice topped with egg). Apparently bibimbap is a bestseller in Korean restaurants. It was also yummy, but not really amazeballs.

Dolsot Bibimpap 300php

Kevin had the grilled mackerel which was huge! Nonetheless it was the first dish to evaporate from our table. Hahaha. It was so good kasi! There are no pictures because the dish arrived while we were already eating, and handling steel chopsticks was difficult and required concentration!

Dessert: Caffeina
Which was chosen neither for food/ coffee quality nor price. Rom had to work and it had WiFi. :D

Chocolate Paradise. Looked wow, tasted blah.

Deonne's Dinner 280php

MARU 1F Midtown Wing, Robinson's Place Manila

Ambiance: The restaurant was well lit, and really looked nice. I never entered the restaurant during med school because it looked expensive! For an authentic korean dining experience you can choose the floor seats, but there were regular tables and booths too. :)

Taste: 4/5
Everything was yummy, from the free appetizers to the entrees! (I can't really say authentic because I have no authority to say that. Hehe.)

Service: 5/5
Each table had a call button, so no need to make papansin. Yay! Service was quick and efficient, and everyone was courteous. 

Bang for the Buck: Good! All our orders came to a less than 1000php, split between four people. There's no service charge too, but leave a tip, they deserve it.

I will definitely go back again and try their other dishes. I'm no fan of Korean food, but Maru just might convert me!

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