11 October 2011

What can you buy with a hundred bucks?

Not much, probably.

But in a second-hand bookstore in a small town, it's worth a few interesting finds. :)

I unabashedly admit that I'm a bookworm. I have a universal love for all bookstores, and I am captivated the smell of new paper and fresh ink. But bookstores always make me feel wistful too, because it is the one place where I acutely feel that I am alas, poor. I remember going to Bibliarch (in Glorietta) to kill time a few weeks ago  and feeling a little depressed afterwards because I liked so many books yet couldn't afford to buy any of them. (Well I could, but when I think of book prices in terms of numbers of meals, the books seem like too much of an indulgence.) I've always considered Booksale as God's gift to me hehe. I used to go to Booksale in Rob every preduty day, after clinics, and stay there for hours, looking for one book to buy every three days. At 75php to 115php per book, pwede na.

Just imagine my glee to find that the Booksale in our town sells books for way way lower than that. Maybe because it wasn't in a mall, maybe because the demand is lower, but the usual 75-peso books sold for ten and the usual 115-peso books sold for 20 to 45!

Today's haul:

The Pirates Laffite: The Treacherous World of the Corsairs of the Gulf by William C. Davis
A historical novel about Brothers Jean and Pierre Lafitte, pirates-slash-heroes turned Spanish spies. Non-fiction. 20php.

Fitzwilliam Darcy: Gentleman by Pamela Aidan
A book that chronicles the life of Fitzwilliam Darcy of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. Fiction. 10php

The Dying Crapshooter's Blues by David Fullmer
A mystery set in 1920s New Orleans revolving around a gambler and professional thief, a pimp and crapshooter, and a power-hungry police officer. 45php.

Positively Fifth Street by James Mc Manus
A bestselling novel written by a reporter sent to cover the World Series of Poker and investigate the controversial death of the event host, who gets lured by the tables and plays the World Series. Non-fiction. P20.

The History of Danish Dreams by Peter Hoeg
A novel about a Danish count in 1512 who believes he has found the center of the universe on his estate, and, finding himself ridiculed by luminaries of his age, walls off his mansion and stops all the clocks. A few moments pass and the count's secretary emerges to find himself four centuries later, where all sixteenth century values are seemingly turned upside down. 10php.

Three fiction, two non-fiction. Of the fiction books, one set in the 1920s (I like novels set in a different time, because the culture and lifestyle interest me), one fantasy with an interesting though not entirely unique premise (and written by the author of Smillas Sense of Snow!), and one spinoff from the one Jane Austen book I liked. I've been making an effort to read more non-fic lately. The real world is infinitely more interesting than fiction. With the possible exception of Harry Potter because wow how I'd want those books to be real. Unless I turn out to be a muggle, boo.

Want to borrow any of my books? Just let me know. :)


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  2. Hahaha! Hello! Booksale eez da bomb.


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