20 November 2011

Elbi Eats: Bonitos' Chili Wings and Ristretto's Caramel Macchiato

I rarely eat out when I'm in Los Baños, because the best dining spot in town is still our kitchen. Hehehe.

Last week though, I was able to eat at Bonitos' for dinner with my three Manila boyzz. We shared a plate of sisig and ordered a combo meal each. I had the chili wings with rice.

Four chicken wings, nicely breaded, with a coat of chili sauce that was just spicy enough to tickle the palate of a hardcore chili fan (aka me) but not so much as to send me gagging and reaching for a glass of water. 

I ate three of the wings and gave the last one to A because I was already full. Worth the price at 130 bucks for the combo meal, which already came with a tall glass of lemonade. 

I haven't been to Bonitos for some time, so I was happily surprised that the place looked so nice and was already airconditioned! Prices remained the same though. Awesome. 

Also, yesterday after Zumba class, I tried to do some studying at Ristretto (Vega Center, near UP Gate) and ordered an iced caramel macchiato.

Whoa. Can you believe all that caramel? 0_o 

So sinful, but it's one of the best caramel macchiatos I've tried. It costs less than a hundred bucks too, booyah. Too bad they're always filled with noisy college kids during the weekdays so I can't study there. 

In other news, UPLB is getting ready for Christmas! I think the tree looks pretty even though it's still unfinished. Can't wait for the lights to be set up. Christmases here are very pretty. Photo's a little dark, taken at dusk.

I have to do more LB food tripping, because food here is good and cheap! Next week I promise to go to Moonleaf and try that mediterranean restaurant I read about in BeliZone.

 If you have food/ restaurant recommendations in the UPLB area, hit me up in the comments! If you are an elbi-based food blogger, drop a link. I'm just getting reacquainted with the gustatory delights my hometown has to offer and I'd love to hear/ read about your favorites. :)

Sorry for the crappy photo quality, I still can't find my camera charger hehehe so I've been using my phone to take snaps.


  1. I like Bonitos' Buffalo and Chili Wings! Oh, and your drink can be upgraded to a "bottomless" one if you have any school ID :)

    Ristretto's coffee is by far one of the best in eLBi (close tie against Cafe Antonio's coffee). Although yeah, it's almost always filled with buzzing students everyday. Ha ha.

  2. Wow I didn't know about the upgrade! Too bad I'm no longer a student, but that's good to know for when I eat there with my brother/ sister. :D

    Yup I really like the coffee there, and the food too. Never ko pa natry Cafe Antonio because my sister doesn't want the two of us hanging out in the same coffee shop. Haha.


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