21 November 2011

Hello baby brother!

When my brother was a baby, three year old me adored him. Our old photo albums showed me hugging him and cradling him and reaching to him as he slept in his duyan. As young children he was my closest friend and ally. We liked the same things (I say he idolized me hahaha) and we did everything together, even celebrating our birthdays! (We celebrated our birthdays twice a year. Yay.)

Over the years though, we grew apart and he became the pesky little brother who was always tailing me while I became the mean big sister who kept brushing him off. I fought him over everything: books, TV channels, even toys, because when I was growing up I liked his matchbox cars and tonka trucks too and I thought it was unfair I never received any. Hehehe.

I'm glad that when we both reached high school, we reconnected just like magic! Haha. Right now we like the same things again -- math, physics, books (I started bringing home Terry Pratchett books for him and now he's a Discworld fanatic), TV shows ("Ate, what's a good series to watch?"), weird food, even girls hahaha I'M KIDDING! A few months ago, we settled into a routine of watching Numb3rs (our favorite TV series ever) every night. That was our nightly bonding time. But we've finished that already and I'm thinking about introducing him to Dexter my favorite psychopath.

Okay before this goes on and I just start churning out disturbing and ridiculous things about myself, I just really wrote this to greet my favorite brother (as if I had a choice LOL) a happy happy birthday! Having you for a brother is really cool and awesome and I hope we stay close until we're old and wrinkled and smell like prunes and baby powder. I love you! :)

We have no pictures together on my laptop and I'm too lazy to get up (post-zumba body aches auugh) so I'll just post this picture of him which I took after his incessant nagging. Haha.

Happy birthday! :)

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