15 November 2011

On Hoping.

Hope is a beautiful thing. It is hope that allows us to be patient. It is hope that gives us reason to continue when the odds are against us. 

Hope is also wonderful feeling, because sometimes the mere possibility of happiness is enough to mimic the feeling of happiness itself.

But hope also makes us vulnerable, breaks down our walls and exposes our deepest, darkest wishes, the ones we hide even from ourselves.

There is nothing more cruel than to allow a person a sliver of light in the darkness, and then extinguish that light again. The darkness he returns to is the same darkness he was once in, but somehow more unbearable than before.


Because I was too affected by last night's episode of How I Met Your Mother (S07E10). 

Oh Barney. :(


  1. why what happened sa HIMYM?

  2. Elizaaaa! You should watch S07E10! I felt the same way after watching BURIED with HTGOF and GMF. Hehehe

  3. talaga? madedepress ako? or mastrestress? booooooo. boooo. maidownload nga yan. ahahhaa. :)

  4. Kiki! Just blog hopping. :) I needed to comment coz that episode was just heartbreaking :( To think a few episodes back, Robin was the one with unrequited love drama. Best season so far of HIMYM :)

  5. Eliza, hindi naman siguro madedepress. Pero you'll really feel the painnnnn of heartbreak!

    Cha, I know, I didn't expect na Robin would be the one to break Barney's heart. To think Barney really had a good thing going on with Nora. It must have been true love for him to break up with her to go back to Robin!


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