17 November 2011

Boys' Night Out

I have always been one of they boys as long as I can remember.

Which isn't exactly good for the lovelife (instant friend zone!) but meant a lot of really good times. I swear, I have fun with my girlfriends watching chick flicks and having sleepovers, but with the boys I can be rowdy and crude and no one's going to tell me to please behave and that's the bomb.

Last night I had a boys night out with three of my guy friends from med school, and our activity was, tadaaaa... talking about deep and serious shit while having a few drinks and relaxing in a hot spring pool. Did I mention the pool was INSIDE our room?:P

The water felt great. I never really appreciated hot spring pools before, even though they are EVERYWHERE in Los Baños, because fun getaways usually meant out of town trips. Good thing that for these three Manila boys, Los Baños is out of town! Hometown appreciation just increased by 10 points. And I liked it that we didn't have to leave the room or share the pool with anyone else! Haha no more pictures because they are shy daw but we had our share of fun (and an equal share of serious moments hell-o we are growing up!). Seeing them was great too; I'd never admit it to them hahaha but I missed the ribbing and teasing. Gets kinda lonely in LB without my friends, and the familiarity is reassuring. :)

To those wondering, no I don't have issues about sharing a room (and a hot tub hahaha) with these guys. I have lived with male room mates for years and I would trust these people with my life! 


  1. ONE OF DA BOYS WATSAAAAP. I'm pretty sure my male friends see me as a dude; when we're out, they keep telling me, "Tingnan mo yung babae dun oh, chicks pare!"
    I want to go hot-tubbing too.

  2. Haha ditto. :)

    Go, it's super relaxing! Bring water toys if you're with da boys because they will look for one. Hahaha when I went out of the bathroom, they were already playing with empty liquor bottles and playing some sort of game with it!

  3. I prefer hanging out with boys more than girls. Blame my brothers. They made hanging out with guys so much fun :p


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