07 November 2011

Reunion Weekend

This weekend has been about reconnecting with old friends.

Saturday night was a benefit concert for my gradeschool classmate/ childhood friend Ian who recently had brain surgery for an AVM (i.e. a tangled mess of blood vessels) which as expected, was packed with friends from gradeschool. It was good to be greeted by a sea of familiar faces, now all grown up, and to see how everyone has been doing. It was also a sea of AWK-WARD, because gradeschool connections were something I didn't take particularly good care of (something I regret now), and while all of them continued in the same high school and stayed together throughout college, I went off into the sunset and never really looked back until recently. They were old friends, but they were also strangers. Funny how that happens. That night I found truth in the saying it's easier to make new friends than reacquaint with old friends.

Sunday night was high school night which was less awkward for three reasons:
  1. Most of them were close friends I stayed in touch with during med school.
  2. It was easier to reminisce about highschool, which I enjoyed, than elem, which I despised. (I was a dork who was bullied for knowing all the answers. I hate gradeschool I soweaaar.)
  3. We had tequila. Hehehe.
Top: 4 out of 9 of my HS barkada + the requisite photobomb from Kups
(yes, as in "kupal" hahaha); Bottom: Our favorite boyzzz

The point is, I know that people come and go, and that some people stay while some just pass by, and though it's sad to lose people you really can't do anything about it because that's just how life rolls. I just realized I don't want to be the kind who just stays awhile to have a good time and then proceeds to the next big adventure leaving everyone else behind. 

Last Saturday I also saw two of my really good gradeschool friends, with whom conversing turned out to be really easy even after more than a decade. We exchanged numbers and made promises to stay in touch and get together soon, and it's a promise I intend to keep. I think it speaks of how old I am (hahaha I really feel old at twenty-three) that I've begun to put more effort in maintaining the relationships I have instead of moving through them like I used to do when I was younger. Yay to (ehem) maturity! Hahaha! :D

With Joanna, my best friend in Grade I and Grade II,
and Jeff, one of my childhood friends.

Sorry for the sudden volley of pa-deep posts! I may be ovulating HAHAHA.


  1. more more mooooooore pa-deep posts! AHAHAHAHAHA.

  2. Hahaha we'll see. Apparently kailangan nag-oovulate ako para maging profound. Yun din yung time na naiiyak ako over children singing and mundane TV shows, at nalalasing without alcohol. Hahahaha fun times. Kung yung iba may mittelschmerz, ako may ganito. WHO'S THE LUCKY BIATCH? :P

  3. ako i have mittelschmerz and that! it sucks! AHAHAHAHAHA.

  4. Hahaha! I feel for you! :D but for more whinifications right? Hahaha.


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