08 November 2011


It is so hard to study alone. Bow.

Seriously, in my 7 years of Intarmed (a medicine program straight from high school in UP) I have never studied alone. This is a challenge for me, and one with very serious consequences! 

So I went to Starbucks, because I have come to realize that my productivity is directly proportional to the price of my coffee. LOL. It's like my subconscious is pushing me to read more pages to get my money's worth. Bwahaha.

It didn't hurt that the red cups are back. I love peppermint mocha! Enough not to think about the 165 pesos I spent for a grande cup. Hahaha it's like drinking GOLD!

Peppermint mocha.
I missed you so. <3

Anyhoo, studying in Starbucks Calamba (aka Jejebucks) was pleasant enough. Noisier than Starbucks Adri/ UN Av/ Valero where the usual crowd is law + med students, but a lot quieter than my favorite local coffee shop which unfortunately for me, is also the favorite hangout of college kids from UPLB (wow I really feel old, I call college students KIDS hahaha). 

My Starbucks days have started again, and I think getting that planner will be a breeze this year. SEVENTEEN ONLY? Hahaha! Too bad I've got my eyes set on another planner, maybe I'll just give it away as a gift. :D

Today I also learned going to a coffee shop alone = boys. Hehehe. Kaya lang, COLLEGE DUDES. Mga tsong, may gatas pa kayo sa labi! But fine, better than the old foreigners in Figaro. HAHAHA.


  1. Anonymous10:52 PM

    Good luck on your studies! :)


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