02 November 2011

Vacation Diary, Mostly in Photos: Cagayan de Oro

Kapoy! (Tired!)

It was a busy week, with Lolo's and my cousin C's birthday celebration, visits to Lola's grave, and a flurry of family lunches and dinners and karaoke parties and bonding sessions with my cousins, I wasn't even able to go white water rafting!

Day 1

Departure from Manila to Cagayan de Oro
I hate traveling during the peak season! The lines are awful, even at the web check-in counter. Oh and WHAT LINES? Pinoys are horrible when it comes to falling in line and waiting for their turn. Even paying for the terminal fee and falling in line to board the plane felt like hustling for the MRT! :/ Ano ba, the plane won't leave you!!! I don't get it, it's not like the last one to get on the plane will have to travel standing up. People, chill.

Our flight was delayed too. Apparently the plane had to turn around twice before landing because of the runway traffic. We had time to take pictures at the cut-out photo wall and shop haha. And when we had boarded, we had to sit there and wait for more than half an hour for takeoff. I finished my Smile magazine even before the plane left the airport! We were supposed to land at 4:25PM but we got there a little past 6. Sunset on the plane was gorgeous though. :)

Top: line at the web check-in counter, more lines at the
terminal fee booth, flipflops we bought while killing time, photo wall.
Bottom: finally boarding the plane, my Smile magazine,
and my gorgeous view of the sunset (except for the plane wing haha)

Day 2

Lolo's Birthday Party
It was Lolo's 85th, and my cousin's 25th birthday, so it was a grand grand affair complete with lechon from Cebu! :) (BTW, thanks to Picasa 3 for the instant tarpaulins. I love you to death Google!)

Day 3  

Trip to Divine Mercy Shrine in El Salvador City

All those stairs were tiring! But the place was really beautiful and quiet. It's a really good place for prayer and meditation. Or in my case, for enjoying the scenery and taking pretty pictures.

Picnic at lola's grave
Hello 'La. I hope you were watching us. :)

Day 4

Zipline at Dahilayan Adventure Park in Bukidnon
Adrenaline ruuuuuush! Dahilayan Adventure Park purportedly had Asia's longest dual zipline which was 840m long. According to my Smile magazine, it starts at 4000m above sea level and swoops down to end at around 100m ASL. Whoa, intense! And it really felt like flying! I was terrified at first, buti na lang there were also 320m and 150m ziplines which were like trial runs. :)

It felt so good, I did all three rides twice because I couldn't get enough of the feeling you get when you're swooping in the air above the trees!

I was less scared on my second round, so on the 320m ride I was able to hold my camera with one hand while holding on to the ropes with the other.

Cousins' night out
Our first night out without the parents! :D Don't judge us, we live miles apart hahaha. We had dinner at Mooon Cafe, a quaint Mexican-ish restaurant which serves cheap but yummy food, and watched Praybeyt Benjamin which was funny not exactly good. Hehehe. Oh well, it's the company that counts!

Day 5

Xavier University
English mass at the chapel, then watched our cousin L play frisbee

"For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and forfeit his life?"
-St. Francis Xavier

Beach Trip
Because no family outing is complete without a trip to the beach. 

Post-dinner entertainment
My cousin O and my nephew AJ ham it up for an audience. :)

Day 6

Lunch at Panagatan
The food was yummy, but it was overshadowed by the view. Awesome. If you find yourself in the vicinity, you should eat there because I can't think of a better place to eat seafood.

It made a pretty good background for photo-ops too. :D

Vigil at Lola's grave
AKA another picnic. In the spirit of halloween, we brought masks and bought matching devil horns. Hrhrhr.

Day 7

Last Minute Shopping, Departure to Manila :(
Sad sad day. I didn't want to leave yet! If I didn't have the boards to study for I would have asked to be left behind.

On the plane I was seated beside the window AGAIN. Boohoo, and the Manila skyline was so pretty, too bad I couldn't take decent pictures.

It's the best vacation I've had ever. I love how big our extended family is and I loved being surrounded by so many uncles and cousins and nephews and nieces! I really wish I had gone home more often before, my cousins make the best company. Of all the things we did, I enjoyed our nightly bonding sessions over alcohol and karaoke/ movies the most.

I already miss the noise and the endless kulitan.

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