03 November 2011

View of Panagatan Restaurant and Other Seascapes

I love taking pictures of the sea, because they always come out pretty even with a crappy camera.

On our fifth day in Cagayan de Oro we went to a beach in Opol (about a half-hour drive from the city) for a Sunday afternoon swim and picnic. Apple Tree Beach Resort is the popular beach destination for tourists, but since we weren't staying for the night and there were around fifty of us, we just went to the next-door Marvilla Beach Resort, where the entrance fee was a meager 20php per person, half of which was consumable! We got there late in the afternoon so we only had a few minutes to take pictures.

Not my favorite shots because the lighting was poor and the skies were gray. :/ (My point and shoot doesn't take the best photos so it needs all the help it can get from Mother Nature!)

Gray skies. It rained after sundown.

Kids. :)

My brother.

The following day, my uncle took us to Panagatan (a seafood restaurant, also in Opol) for lunch. It overlooked the same sea, and under a bright and clear sky, it was gorgeous. The restaurant extended far into the water and had no walls, which assured a good view of the sea on all sides. And even though it was a very hot day, the sea breeze made it very presko. I forgot to take pictures of the food because I was too busy either taking pictures of the view or gorging on the scrumptious fare of seafood, sisig and crispy pata. Rawr.

There's a viewdeck, but it was too hot!

If you find yourself in Cagayan de Oro, you should go the extra mile and visit this place for lunch.  The cab ride from the city proper cost around 160 pesos, and the food was cheap and good! You'll have a great backround for your photos too, something we clearly took advantage of.


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