09 December 2011


So. I'm twenty-four.

It feels weird. I feel old! Hahaha. Maybe I should qualify: I feel old for the FIRST TIME. Because I was in an accelerated medical program, I have always been around people who were older than me. I am the 5th youngest person in our class, so everytime I grew a year older, I still always felt young. But now that I've graduated, it feels like I've lost my eternal youth serum! I spent a good five minutes in front of the mirror staring at the the small crinkles at the corner of my eye. Ownooooowwww. 

Anyway. This year's was the most low-key birthday I've had in many years. I woke up, had breakfast, studied, took a one hour break to reply to Facebook greetings, studied again, went to mass, had my celebratory birthday dinner, then went back home to watch TV, answer more greetings on Facebook, and blog about my Intramuros tour. My day was about as exciting as studying flobberworms except for the part where I finally got my birthday package from the US! 

Yummy birthday dinner at Bonito's! :) I had the chili wings, but mom made me
eat a few forkfuls of spaghetti for long life. Haha.

Don't get me wrong, unexciting doesn't mean unhappy. I missed my friends, but I loved spending my birthday at home again and having a huge birthday cake with sugar flowers and a happy birthday message piped in icing! And I really appreciated all the birthday greetings, whether it be through Facebook, Twitter, a text message or a phone call! To everyone who remembered, thank you very much! :)

And thank you to all the people who "celebrated my birthday" in my favorite pub! Haha I love you sisses! I love you Oarhouse crew and I love you strangers, whoever you people are, for being part of this photo:

This photo was posted on my Facebook wall with a
birthday greeting. Nice. :D

(Credits to Ben Razon of The Oarhouse Pub of Manila)


  1. "unexciting doesn't mean unhappy" agree ako dyan! On my 18th birthday, nagpainom ako sa Padi's Point. Karamihan ng dumating eh di ko ka-close. Nung nag-19 ako this year, low-key ako. Family lunch, pizza party with my friends, and dinner and movies with my best friend. It was quiet pero it was the happiest birthday I've ever had.

  2. Happy birthday! :)

  3. Ela, exactly! :)

    Thanks Hanna! :)

  4. Belated happy birthday, you're still oh so very young! And considering that you're already a MD, I take my imaginary hat off to you Alikoy!


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